Everyday Feminist Lies

Many millenials and as well as others, including some  journalists propagandists are not aware that in the 70’s the women’s rights movement was called Women’s Liberation. Since women were smart enough to know we didn’t need to be “liberated” from anything; it lost traction. Then lesbians and radicals took over the movement that had started with Betty Friedan’s blockbuster book,”The Feminine Mystique” Later, Gloria Steinham’s radical Ms. magazine was sold on news stands and media demanded women of  intelligence and discernment call themselves feminists.  My friend was annoyed when I refused.   She was more upset when I gave my reason. I  said I wasn’t ugly, I liked men and had lots of dates.  She said I was disgusting. I said it was the truth and I still feel the same way.

Today I’m going to state another truth that that the virulant feminists  aren’t aware of or just hiding from the millenia crowd. When these young women get old they won’t have to worry about male advances. Nobody will look at them. They will feel invisible and instead of finally being happy they’ll be crying. The true losers will be those women who spent  too much time on their looks instead of developing how to be the best women they could be.

When I was a young woman  my mother told me something very wise.  She said that women can do everything men can do but, because of their biology they have to do it at a different time. The feminist movement denies that very fact. Sorry, “transgendered” that XX gene is the ignition for making babies during a certain time period of a female’s life. Then the eggs dry up. It becomes harder and harder to conceive. The problem is, most girls are not taught that. Of course many of them attempt to fool themselves by believing they don’t want children. That’s cool when one is still young. Of course when they’re collecting social security and no one comes to visit, call, or cares if they’re alive or dead,then they may wish they had a family.

Another thing girls aren’t taught is the way they conduct themselves is the way boys and later men will treat them. To a male,acting like a drunken or drug crazed whore means you’re going to be treated like one. Dressing like a hooker telegraphs that you’ll behave like a hooker. Sleeping around means you’re easy.The more sexual partners you have the more risk of STDs and even cervical cancer. But common sense, guidance, and information is verboten,instead females are supposed deny their own biology, have an abortion or perhaps just have a baby since “nobody gets married anymore because you don’t need a man to raise a child.” Another bald faced lie.

Speaking of abortions, one of my former students had been an obstetrician for 40 years in Argentina. In one of our conversations I asked him if he thought there was a connection between birth control pills and breast cancer. His answer astounded me because he said there was a proven causal link between abortions and breast cancer.I’m including to links. One explains the hormonal nature of the linkage here and the other is a an article written by Joel Brind, founder of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute.

We are being sold the Brooklyn Bridge, when the Ministry of Propaganda

Do you think I was born yesterday?
the media pushes the lie that one parent is perfectly fine. A child needs a parent of both sexes. Each sex brings something to the table. The sexes complement each other. We learn to love the other and our children learn different skills and behaviors from watching interactions of the two sexes. Females are different and think differently than a man. Diversity can be beautiful. Instead, we hear shrill feminist rhetoric and really, it’s just everyday feminist lies.

Senseless Hate =Tragedy

Charlottesville, Virginia was a sleepy little southern town until murder and mayhem not only woke up its citizens but the rest of the USA. Tragically, our country was treated to a show of violence and murder by “right wing” fascists as well as “left wing” fascists who declared the destruction of Southern monuments a viable tactic to destroy our country.Somehow, every news report forgot to mention the reason for the protest. All I heard for a couple of days was that the President didn’t say what the Fake Media, DemoratsDemocrats,Steven Hayes, Karl Rove and other assorted NeverTrumpsters wanted him to say because…. The rest of us are sick of it and all the senseless hate that our media appears to relish. We are at a flash point in our history and it is time to find common ground before it is too late.

Most Jews, even if they eat bacon three times a day go to synagogue on Yom Kippur. Although many people recognize that as a fast day they may be ignorant of another one,the commemoration of the destruction of our holy Jerusalem Temple-twice.Senseless or baseless hate, in Hebrew,sinat chinam, caused their destruction. This is not my opinion, but the conclusion of ancient Talmudic rabbis. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about The Talmud is a compendium of stories and Jewish laws written in about 200 AD. That’s over 2000 years ago! Unfortunately, our “brilliant” elites in fields like archeology and anthropology buy the cultural Marxism propaganda of ” all cultures are equal,” so the Maya, who had a savage and blood thirsty culture is held up as amazing and all Native American tribes are “peaceful.” Funny, but our own Judeo-Christian values is verboten in schools.Perhaps, if boys and girls learned that our country was built on the Judeo- Christian ethos of kindness and forgiveness it would be easier to find common ground.

I heard the president state that we all love our country. He said that no matter our race or religion, we are all Americans. I agree, but I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut because I have lost too many jobs because of my opinions.I’m afraid that if we continue down this road we will face G-d’s wrath and suffer our own destruction.Our country is at a terrible turning point. It is time to find things we agree about,instead of creating controversy. We don’t have to agree on everything, but we should agree that the first amendment gives us the right to have an opinion. Does anyone agree with his/her spouse 100% of the time? Siblings or children? What happened to discussions and compromise? Our country isn’t perfect. People aren’t perfect, but the Judeo- Christian ethic is ” Do not do to others what you don’t want done to you. ” stated by Hillel or ” “Do unto others as you want others to do to you.” stated by Jesus. It was said for a reason – the tragedy of senseless hate.

Without God: Anything Goes

1962  was a banner year. The banner read “No G-d Here.” That’s being facetious, but since the Supreme Court decision,brought by members of my tribe, we have seen our country in a severe moral decline that started with the John F Kennedy assassination in 1963. Since then our government has expanded in nefarious ways and means. The objective isn’t to govern but of to steal and keep power. If Hillary had won the last election the job of the progressive crooks( aka government) would have been completed. The middle class would have been annihilated. When Obama was nominated the media crowed about the “crease in his pants”while it purposely decided to ignore his sketchy background and Indonesian sojourn. Every morally shady relationship and fraudulent deal done during his presidency, as long as it was done by or with another democrat or pal, was and still is ignored. That’s why the lying fake media still say it was scandal free. Even today,after Imran Awan was caught fleeing to Pakistan the Dems have started the “It’s Islamophphobia” cacaphony.

For many months I stopped writing because all I heard were people’s opinions, ideas,and arguments based on a lot of ” he said she said.” Funny, but when I taught and students came to me with stories like that I would tell them to sit down and be quiet. When my daughter started dating I told her to, “watch what they do, not what they say.”
What’s wrong with our media? We had a Pakistani criminal enterprise working for a coven of more than 30 Democrats,who was stopped at Dulles Airport fleeing to Pakistan. For some strange reason, my representative in the 23rd district of Florida, no other than Debbie Wasserman Schmutz Schultz, threatened the Capitol police when her computer was held for evidence connected to this Muslim crime family. Apparently the leader of this Pakistani gang was brother Imran Awan who had his family members hired at more than $150,000 (each) a year since 2004 when he was hired by Robert Wexler, who resigned under a mysterious cloud,and then passed to the Schmutz Wasserman- Schultz in 2005. Since then this Islamic crew was paid over $4,000,000 and had access and passwords to key Democrat computers and their passwords.

“The Awan brothers had complete and direct access to information of three extremely sensitive committees: The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Homeland Security Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The access to the information they had, along with their known or suspected affiliations to such groups as Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood, has “shaken” government insiders with knowledge about the case. (Hagmann)

In addition to this very suspect relationship with the Dems according to the Gateway Pundit:
“A search of guests at the White House show that Imran’s younger brother Abid was a guest at the White House on Thursday, November 21, 2013. He arrived at 5pm and didn’t depart for 7 hours. He attended with another 17 individuals.”

From all this information that we’re finally getting, it’s very possible that many of our tragedies like the Seal Team Six helicopter crash, were not coincidental. However: just like a father who ignores his child when he/she screams ” I hate you.” God, the father of us all, lifted the curtain of deceit using the tenant in one of the rental properties the crime family owned. Apparently smashed hard drives and other paraphernalia were found. Suddenly, right before the Awan great escape the FBI was contacted. So, it looks like even though we have thrown Ha Shem (G0d) “under the bus” He won’t abandon us and maybe give us the chance to once again become a country that believes in Him and return to be the leader of the free world.