Cultural Suicide

I am old enough to remember a time when children played outside until called in for dinner and then after dinner, ran outside again, to catch lightening bugs in the dark. I’m old enough to remember walking back and forth to school four times a day because we went home for lunch, to  our mothers who made peanut butter and jelly or tuna fish sandwiches. Then after struggling with putting on our galoshes, we resignedly trekked back to school. I’m old enough to remember when every family had a Dad and you’d be sorry when he came home if you did anything wrong at home or at school. I’m old enough to remember every school day started with reading a Bible psalm and singing the Lord’s Prayer, as taught by our talented Black music teacher. As a little Jewish girl I  inherently understood that this was a Christian country.

Modern history text books, from which our children learn about the history and cultures of the world, have pages and pages about Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Judaism: a few paragraphs. Christianity: the same. My question is why? Why do we belittle and besmirch our own culture? Shockingly, the answer might be connected to Hitler:

“The Ten Commandments have lost their validity.  Conscience is a Jewish invention,  it is a blemish like circumcision.”

Although we have seen, heard, and read all the disgusting stories of the concentration camps, the roundups, the blatant theft re: Soros’s job, Hitler’s anti- Christian philosophy is left out. Apparently, he erased the moral compass of Judaism and Christianity to pursue the ends he desired.IMG_0432

Interestingly, my friends went down to see the Mayan ruins and were so impressed with how much pride the people take in their history.  Of course the tour guides disregarded, or perhaps neglected, the part about human sacrifice on purpose.  The same can be said of many ancient cultures that are studied and revered as somehow better than ours. Our modern education eliminates the fact that Nazi stands for National SOCIALIST, the father of Communism, an atheist prison that worships the State. Its history has already proven it believes in human sacrifice, starting with the French Revolution. More than 40,000,000 people were murdered in the name of the Communist State since Lenin The bloody French Revolution, which is notorious for the guillotine is the model Marx used to stir the masses. The United States is not perfect because man is not perfect, but as a Judeo- Christian nation we have alway strived to be better and in our short history never embraced mass murder. It is time that Americans reclaim their culture and produce works that hard working people take pride in, and our country can rally around.


Students aren’t being taught that the Puritans called this New World their New Jerusalem, and that Jews have been here since the 1600’s and have been contributing to American life and prosperity since then. The Judeo- Christian philosophy, the basis of our society, is based on the Ten Commandments. Isn’t it time that we recognize that, celebrate that,

Is this America?
Is this America?

and return to the days of American pride instead of committing cultural suicide.

Faux Facts

As our country rushes into its tragic historical decline we can longer assume that anything we’re told is true. Instead, we are being spoon fed a diet of faux facts and half truths that we the people are supposed to swallow without choking.  Everything that we grew up with and accepted as fact has been discarded and thrown in the garbage heap; even when it makes sense and  been historically proven as beneficial for society.  We have been consistantly lied to and forced to accept what our government has claimed and fed us via our schools and media.

The Grand Mufti and Hitleer
The Grand Mufti and Hitler

Anyone who has had the blessing of raising both a girl and a boy know that there’s a  gender difference . Any teacher, who hasn’t had her brains dissolved in the poison sold as education knows there’s a difference; however, one day the people of this country woke up to the Orwellian dictate that you can be any gender you want to,  that homosexual marriage is legal, and that we, as a country, must condone  any kind of gender perversion.  In order for  we the people  to accept deviance we’re fed  faux facts daily about how normal it is and how children growing up in homosexual homes are just fine and dandy; and that AIDS is just another virus that one catches though  touching dirty door knobs, even when its not probing someone’s tuchas.

We also keep hearing how abortions are great and that they’re part of a woman’s rights. Why don’t we hear about the correlation between abortions and breast cancer? This is not new , nor a secret. A few years ago one of my students was an older obstetrician from Argentina.  When I asked him if he thought birth control pills were connected to the rise in breast cancer he answered that he didn’t know, but without doubt abortions did. It’s connected to the hormonal trauma. Since then I’ve read some studies that support this here and others. Interestingly, the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer research spent less then half of their net assets on research. Most of it was on public education  to get your money here. Maybe if more money was put into research, like  they advertise, then we wouldn’t have to cringe watching alpha male football players wearing pink as they get tackled and pummeled. For more than 20 years the foundation’s been earning billions, but shockingly there’s more breast cancer.

And how about  Islam- that religion of peace?  Starting with George W, even after our people were savagely  murdered on 9/11, not to mention continuously since then, we are told that our perception of these beasts is wrong. We are “racists” and “Islamophobic” to even think that slaughtering cartoonists, police, soldiers,rabbis, children and their parents is terrorism. Instead, we’re to shove a 1,000 year history down the memory hole and surely not  teach the Barbary Wars and the inception of the Marines. Remember the line” to the shores of Tripoli?” That’s because they were pirates, kidnapping Americans, just as they do today. We the people are supposed to accept  brutal rapes,  traumatizing  brutality, and murder as the new normal  by inviting these animals into our country.


For years we were told Hitler committed suicide. But, according to the FBI Hitler file  here, he made it to Argentina by submarine.  Why were we lied to? Could it be they made some nefarious deal with our enemy? Remember, we fought in the Middle East and North Africa during WWII. Arafat’s uncle the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was an ally of Hitler. Many Nazis escaped to Middle Eastern countries.  These are facts that our government wants to ignore and pretend that there is no connection. We are told that all the Muslims in our government,business lobbies, and NGOs is a positive  development when that can only take us down the road to destruction.

Remember when butter was bad for you but oleo was good?  Then suddenly it turned out margerine was bad and butter good.  Eggs bad, meat bad, wheat bad until we find out differently. Suddenly  all the food people have been eating for millenia are bad!  Global warming, climate change is caused by humans! Funny, but in a fourth grade science book, that I recently used, the first sentence discussing the earth and its formations stated that the earth is constantly changing! Hmm, and meteorolgists are more often wrong than right, and that’s just forecasting the weather for the following day! Faux facts? Our culture, education, and government have been sabatoged and it is up to us, we the people, to stay strong and not swallow the Kool Aid that has been shoved down our throats.


Elite Idiocracy


Years ago my former husband and I had a video store.  Through the business,I learned a lot about people, their  tastes, and how wrong the professional movie critics were because  we couldn’t make a dime on  the movies and actors that they loved pimped .   For instance, a Meryl Streep  movie  which the critics would have an orgasm over, would sit on the shelf, untouched  like an old maid, while movies like Warriors, which they abhored, was  out every night like the queen of the prom. Another video which  kept us in business was WWF or World Wrestling Federation, the forerunner to WWE.

Many of our prolific and “respected” commentators have, like John Podhoretz, compared Trump’s run to the cult movie  Idiocracy. In Mr. Podhoretz’s article here the movie’s  moronic president Comache, who was a winner of the Ultimate Smackdown Championship. is compared to Trump  because he once staged something with the owner of WWE in 2009. At the time,of course, he was a businessman who was  not running for any office. Apparently Mr Podhoretz  knows  who  is worthwhile and who is just a boorish clown. In his elite arrogance he believes he knows what’s good for this country and who’s good for it too. I guess because he inherited his father’s magazine that makes him a somebody.  Mr. Trump inherited from his father too.  The difference is that he parlayed a million dollars and turned it into billions, while Mr. Podhoretz took his inheritance and made it a mouthpiece for the GOP. Mr. Podhoretz is entitled to his opinion, but just because he inherited Dad’s life work doesn’t mean he’s an expert on anything, and it certainly means we don’t have to listen.

As it turns out, I met one of these elite no nothings when I was visiting my family in New York. My son introduced me to another young father picking up his child at nursery school who  is a writing professor at Columbia. My antennae went up immediately because I figured he was a big Lefty. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wrong.  As we strolled down the street together conversation ensued and I mentioned that my children grew up in an Atlanta suburb. That’s when the idiocy started. The Columbia professor said, ” I hate the suburbs.” My next question was , ” Why?” The answer floored me ” because I hate white people.” Digging  deeper I replied ” But you’re white so why?” His reply was sophmoric at best and yes, idiotic at worse. “Whites are hypocrites” After I answered by stating that whites weren’t the only hypocrites they come in all shades, we thankfully parted ways and this young father strolled into his gentrified apartment building, which was another thing he abhored, so I guess the hypocrisy he hated was his own.

Mr Podhoretz is right.  There is a real Idiocracy; however, it isn’t Trump and his supporters  but  the professors and our  Beltway bubbleheads who think they have all the answers.  The downfall of this country can be traced to people like this professor who believe the worst of their own people and then teach it to the next generation. Meanwhile tuitions keeep rising and students know less and less. Instead, they’re programmed to  sneer at “white privilege” and snap their fingers (instead of applauding) when they agree with another lunatic proclamation. Yes,  we live in an elite Idiocracy where abortions are good, Muslim “refugees” are great, and  2,000 page bills are passed without  even pretending to read them. At least everyone knows WWE is entertainment.  We don’t even recognize this country anymore – and that’s the way the Idiocracy want it.





Is  Trump Fit To Be President?

I used to teach English as a second language and one of the units covered was civics.  One of my favorite lessons (not part of the curriculum) was the Kennedy family. I discovered that people from all over the world know the name, but have no idea of the family’s notorious history.  Starting with Joe, the criminal bootlegger who threw his daughter into a mental institution where she stayed for the rest of her life, and his love affair with the Hollywood star Gloria Swanson. I continued with his adulterous sons, John F. and Bobby, who followed in their father’s footsteps. The class was also informed that the former criminal, Joe Kennedy , enlisted the mafia kingpin Sam Giacanna to get his son elected.

The murder vehicle
The murder vehicle

Since  alcoholism and heroin addiction are part of the family legacy that was covered too.  John Jr’s cocaine habit was well known in certain circles, and then, of course, the lesson ended with the rape trial of William Smith Kennedy and the murderers Teddy and his cousin  Michael Skakel. The question I got was, “Why are they given so much honor?”

Another favorite lesson was the Clintons. My class was shocked when I told them that Bill Clinton and his brother Roger, were known cocaine users when he was the governor of Arkansas. As a matter of fact, the president to- be was rushed to a hospital emergency room with a drug overdose and the staff was threatened if word got out. Maybe his cocaine use was the reason he raped, sexually abused, or used so many women. Of course to those who know that Mr. Clinton grew up in a trailer park, it isn’t surprising. Then we have his mysterious time in the Soviet Union that has never been explained. Like I told my class, nobody I knew spent time in Russia. At that time we were in a “cold war.” A letter that he wrote can be found here.  It is part of the Congressional record.  I also addressed the fact that Mrs Clinton married Bill for political gain. because rumor has it that she likes women more than men.  She also appears to have a special affinity for the Muslim Brotherhood via her most trusted aide Huma Abedin.   There are too many scandals and lies to reiterate. The Clintons are like the Bonnie and Clyde of the political world, but get away with a lot more. Again, my class was incredulous that these people are held in such high regard.

When the media whores ask if Trump is “fit to be president” I wonder what universe they’re inhabiting. He doesn’t drink, do drugs or smoke cigarettes. Not one of his three adult children are trust fund kids. They all work in the empire he built legally, and follow his role model of abstaining from contemporary poisons. Comparing the beautiful and talented Ivanka to the not so beautiful Chelsea is like comparing a Lamborghini to a VW Beetle. They’re not in the same class. How many positions was Chelsea given as favor to her parents? Ivanka has her own line of clothes and jewelry and worked for what she has. here

2 3 2011 - B Show  - The Trump Family

Mr. Trump worked for his father before he set out on his own and his children have also learned the business from the ground up. His belief in hard work and responsibility is a legacy of his father, Fred, and his immigrant grandfather. It looks like our pundits and media prefer murderers, adulterers and addicts to a true American dynasty that we can be proud of. So someone please explain why Trump ” isn’t fit to be president.”