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The Four Questions Updated

Happening NowThe  Passover holiday starts Monday night and Jews are  commanded to commemorate  our exodus from slavery to freedom  several millenniums ago.  Every year Jewish families all over the world  recite these words from the Haggadah:

“For not just one alone has risen against us to destroy us. Rather, in every generation, there are those that rise up against us to destroy us; and the Holy One, blessed be He, saves us from their hand. “

It would seem to me that a literate person could read and comprehend those words, but it doesn’t appear so. That’s why The Four Questions , an integral part of the seder, need to be updated: In order to reflect our modern Jewish reality malaise.

My first question: How can any Jew be involved with the Israel Hate group J Street  or any proponent of  BDS, Boycott Derangement Syndrome, and call himself pro-Israel? J Street is just one of the tentacles of the nefarious George Soros, who admits to feeling no shame during his Nazi collaborator days in Hungary .  He brags about coming from an “anti-Semitic Jewish family.”  He is the enemy .J Street demonizes Israel and lobbies for the two state ” solution.” It is the enemy. Federations and universities who cave to CAIR are the enemy.

Second question, Why was G-d deleted from Reform and some Conservative synagogues?  A Pew Poll verifies the reality of the disconnection  between Jews and  Ha Shem (G-d). For two generations Jewish children have been schlepped to after school Hebrew classes.  They have been hoodwinked into thinking it is just for their Bar/Bat mitzvah. Then they believe their religious obligations as a Jew  are completed.  According to  Michael Lerner, former SDS activist and publisher of Tablet, a far Left Jewish magazine, as long as Jews practice”Tikkun Olam” they  have kept their Jewish cultural identity. Without learning and studying our own religion, our relationship to Ha Shem is neglected; however, many synagogues traded worshipping Him for worshipping Leftism.

My third question: Why do we not learn from our own history? It’s not as if we haven’t seen this movie before. It is either willful blindness or plain stupidity. We have Holocaust studies on most campuses, Holocaust museums in  D.C ,L.A. and Yad  Vashem in Jerusalem, while  Jews scream the toothless slogan”Never again.”  Jews are still  being killed and maimed in terror attacks in Israel and in Kansas City. The Jews of France and Sweden fear for their lives, and Jewish organizations  all over the USA  submit like dhimmis to the fake cries of Islamophobia and the lies of Israel apartheid. The enemies of Israel rant that they will destroy Israel and the Leftist Jews gather together to form Boycott Derangement Syndrome Committees. Do they think working with the enemy will keep them safe?

And the fourth updated question has to be; Why do Jews like slavery better than freedom?  Even when Ha Shem brought us out of Egypt many Hebrews stayed and continued being  slaves. On the journey through the desert, many whined and cried because they wanted to go back. where life wasn’t as hard.  Many  Communists were and are Jews. They must believe that life is secure and peachy keen getting a government check.  A slave lives and dies at the whim of his master. Freedom is not for the fainthearted.  As my grandmother used to say,”For this world you have to be made of iron.” Tragedies happen. Decisions are hard. We make mistakes, we get hurt and start all over again. That’s part of freedom . As Jews we’re supposed to learn that Ha Shem is always with us . When we choose Him we choose life and freedom.