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Israel: A G Rated Country

Makote- the Israeli beachgame
Makote- the Israeli beach game



Many readers have wondered why I haven’t written for a while.  Simple, I reached my saturation point  writing about the unrelenting lies and abuses of our government. Luckily, I visited my daughter in Israel  for a few weeks and was able to recharge.  Ironically, the tiny country  was calm and peaceful, even after Arab terrorists murdered innocents including a young girl sleeping in her bed. The reason? They know who the enemy is, name it, and deal with it. Or, maybe, as my daughter told me when I asked her why she was moving there, it’s a G rated country

The true face of the IDF
The true face of the IDF

Even though modern Israel is only 68 years young, its accomplishments, beauty, and historical sites are world class and enviable; however,my daughter was specifically talking about the people and culture. Everywhere, except Tel Aviv (the New York City of Israel) around 3:00 on Fridays shops close up, mothers and grandmothers finish their shopping and start cooking for the Sabbath. Soldiers go home to their families, and if someone is a “lone soldier” he/she will be invited to someone’s home for the Sabbath. As I joked to my daughter after hearing so many young, masculune men talking to their “imas” or mothers on the phone, the most ferocious army in the world is a bunch of mommas’ boys!

I left Israel in 1980 when my home and business were taken as part of the  Israel-Egypt Peace Accord. I had only gone back once in thirty years, and that was only for a wedding.   The progress I have seen in the country is no less than miraculous. Thirty years ago it took  months to get a landline telephone. Now Israel is branded as one of the top tech sectors in the world. Unlike the incessant negative propaganda, Arab-Israelis  are part of the innovation and even created the world’s smallest computer. here Thirty years ago It was impossible to get a decent piece of red meat. Now, my daughter and I ate  hamburgers that would put my local diner to shame.

My daughter has a Christian Arab friend and out of curiosity asked him how he was treated differently by the government. She was surprised by his answer.  After thinking about it, he answered that he didn’t have to serve in the army or pay taxes. Interestingly, there has been a surge in Arab Israelis to enlist in the IDF. here  That doesn’t sound like apartheid to me. Apartheid is a system of laws that keep the races separate.  In Israel’s case it would mean keeping people of different religious faiths legally separated. Instead, all religions including Bahai and Druze live peacefully. The call to prayer from Muslim mosques can be heard in all parts of the country.

My biggest complaint is the confusing signage on the roads. Speaking of signage, one would think that in a country practicng apartheid, signs would only be written in Hebrew. Wrong; all signs are written in Hebrew, Arabic and English. If a country is  practicing apartheid would the beaches be open to all? My family and I went swimming at the beach in Haifa, right next to Arab families with women  covered from top to bottom in their body covering wetsuits.

All in all my trip was rejuvenating. Hiking and exploring the countryside is a national pastime. The variation in topography from the greenery of the northern hills to the stark Judean desert provides a sensory feast. The  different species of plants and flowers found everywhere is astounding. So I guess my daughter is right.  It’s a G rated country: G-d’s country.


Jerusalem, Israel 5775

Old_Jerusalem_Dung_Gate_2Monday, November 3, 2014( the Jewish year 5775) the Supreme Court of the United States heard arguments about whether Israel should be stamped on passports for American citizens born in Jerusalem. According to the Jerusalem Post the breakdown  is probably, as usual, four justices voting against,  with the tie  broken by Kennedy. Three of those four are Jews or as I stated in a former post here just Jew-ish. They are of the same communist lite thinking that goes against all the beliefs of Judaism. Apparently, in their much vaunted status and hyper intelligence, they have forgotten or disregarded Kerensky, Trotsky, and many other high ranking Jews  murdered in order to promulagate Communism and the rise of its dictators. If these Jewish anti- Semites win, there is no other word to describe their decision except the Yiddish word shanda,or shame, on them.

Our media propaganda machine: constantly vomits out Palestinian lies and distortions while our State Department swallows its swill Many people are unaware that Foggy Bottom has a long history of siding with Arabs. We should be thankful our Congress takes the moral high ground by siding with Israel. To be clear: The Muslims have no  viable historical claim to Jerusalem.  It is, and always will be the eternal capital of Israel, as claimed by King David around 1000 BCE. Jeff Dunetz writer of The Lid here cites a paper by Rifka Fishman-Duka ennumerating  Greek and Roman sources from the third century BCE-third century CE mentioning Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish country, Israel. Although it was lost to conquering armies, it was miraculously regained twice. including the 1967 War started by five Arab countries.

Our Congress signed a 2002 US law requiring that “Jerusalem, Israel” be placed on  passports.  The executive branch enforces laws. The State part of the executive Branch. The bureaucrats decided not to follow the law.

This snafu started with President George W. Bush, who signed the law, but said it interfered with his responsibility to direct foreign affairs. It is clear that our current president believes the same, based on the arguments of Mr. Varelli who is representing the executive branch. He had the audacity to compare  Jerusalem being the capital of Israel to recognizing Crimea as legally part  of Russia. I hope the justices know that the Russians rolled  tanks into Crimea and stole it like an armed thief. while international law recognizes the Jewsih national home as stated in the Balfour Declation in San Remo in 1921.

Justice Antonin Scalia said the court’s concern was with law,  “If it is within Congress’s power, what difference does it make whether it antagonizes foreign countries?” “The fact,” he added, “that the State Department doesn’t like  that it makes the Palestinians angry is irrelevant.”

As a US citzen, it seems to me,

A model of the ancient Jerusalem
A model of the ancient Jerusalem .

that Justice Scalia only has one thing wrong.  It should have said faux Palestinians. As a Jew I hope and pray our government does what’s right. Jerusalem is written in our prayer books more than 700 times. It is never mentioned in the Koran. Every Passover Jews pray” Next year in Jerusalem.” Maybe next year our government will have the integrity and strength to admit Jerusalem is in Israel. Jerusalem, Israel 5775.





Joan Rivers: A Jew for Israel

illustration-of-rafah-tunnelsThe values and morals of our country are being turned upside down or thrown away  like garbage.  It reminds me of spring cleaning  or  getting rid of the chametz  for Pesach. Not a crumb of bread is supposed to be left.  It looks like the Jews are the new chametz. Our president, State Departemt, and media  are  competing with each other to see who can be the most vile and anti-Semitic by sympathizing with the terrorist group Hamas and tying the hands of  the tiny Jewish country. Continue reading

Are you A Jew or Just Jew-ish?

http://      Are you a Jew or are you just Jew-ish? The debate about Judaism being a race, religion, or ethnic group has been going on for years. I certainly am not a geneticist, so this will have nothing to do with genes and specific scientific facts, but through careful observation I have come to the conclusion that  members  of  the tribe are either Jews or Jew-ish.   I’ve learned that my Christian husband is more  of a Jew than many Jews I’ve known.  He’s gone to synagogue, sat at seder, and stands respectfully as I light Sabbath candles., and prays for Israel. He may not be a Jew , but he is Jew-ish. Continue reading