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Everyday Feminist Lies

Many millenials and as well as others, including some  journalists propagandists are not aware that in the 70’s the women’s rights movement was called Women’s Liberation. Since women were smart enough to know we didn’t need to be “liberated” from anything; it lost traction. Then lesbians and radicals took over the movement that had started with Betty Friedan’s blockbuster book,”The Feminine Mystique” Later, Gloria Steinham’s radical Ms. magazine was sold on news stands and media demanded women of  intelligence and discernment call themselves feminists.  My friend was annoyed when I refused.   She was more upset when I gave my reason. I  said I wasn’t ugly, I liked men and had lots of dates.  She said I was disgusting. I said it was the truth and I still feel the same way.

Today I’m going to state another truth that that the virulant feminists  aren’t aware of or just hiding from the millenia crowd. When these young women get old they won’t have to worry about male advances. Nobody will look at them. They will feel invisible and instead of finally being happy they’ll be crying. The true losers will be those women who spent  too much time on their looks instead of developing how to be the best women they could be.

When I was a young woman  my mother told me something very wise.  She said that women can do everything men can do but, because of their biology they have to do it at a different time. The feminist movement denies that very fact. Sorry, “transgendered” that XX gene is the ignition for making babies during a certain time period of a female’s life. Then the eggs dry up. It becomes harder and harder to conceive. The problem is, most girls are not taught that. Of course many of them attempt to fool themselves by believing they don’t want children. That’s cool when one is still young. Of course when they’re collecting social security and no one comes to visit, call, or cares if they’re alive or dead,then they may wish they had a family.

Another thing girls aren’t taught is the way they conduct themselves is the way boys and later men will treat them. To a male,acting like a drunken or drug crazed whore means you’re going to be treated like one. Dressing like a hooker telegraphs that you’ll behave like a hooker. Sleeping around means you’re easy.The more sexual partners you have the more risk of STDs and even cervical cancer. But common sense, guidance, and information is verboten,instead females are supposed deny their own biology, have an abortion or perhaps just have a baby since “nobody gets married anymore because you don’t need a man to raise a child.” Another bald faced lie.

Speaking of abortions, one of my former students had been an obstetrician for 40 years in Argentina. In one of our conversations I asked him if he thought there was a connection between birth control pills and breast cancer. His answer astounded me because he said there was a proven causal link between abortions and breast cancer.I’m including to links. One explains the hormonal nature of the linkage here and the other is a an article written by Joel Brind, founder of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute.

We are being sold the Brooklyn Bridge, when the Ministry of Propaganda

Do you think I was born yesterday?
the media pushes the lie that one parent is perfectly fine. A child needs a parent of both sexes. Each sex brings something to the table. The sexes complement each other. We learn to love the other and our children learn different skills and behaviors from watching interactions of the two sexes. Females are different and think differently than a man. Diversity can be beautiful. Instead, we hear shrill feminist rhetoric and really, it’s just everyday feminist lies.