Is  Trump Fit To Be President?

I used to teach English as a second language and one of the units covered was civics.  One of my favorite lessons (not part of the curriculum) was the Kennedy family. I discovered that people from all over the world know the name, but have no idea of the family’s notorious history.  Starting with Joe, the criminal bootlegger who threw his daughter into a mental institution where she stayed for the rest of her life, and his love affair with the Hollywood star Gloria Swanson. I continued with his adulterous sons, John F. and Bobby, who followed in their father’s footsteps. The class was also informed that the former criminal, Joe Kennedy , enlisted the mafia kingpin Sam Giacanna to get his son elected.

The murder vehicle
The murder vehicle

Since  alcoholism and heroin addiction are part of the family legacy that was covered too.  John Jr’s cocaine habit was well known in certain circles, and then, of course, the lesson ended with the rape trial of William Smith Kennedy and the murderers Teddy and his cousin  Michael Skakel. The question I got was, “Why are they given so much honor?”

Another favorite lesson was the Clintons. My class was shocked when I told them that Bill Clinton and his brother Roger, were known cocaine users when he was the governor of Arkansas. As a matter of fact, the president to- be was rushed to a hospital emergency room with a drug overdose and the staff was threatened if word got out. Maybe his cocaine use was the reason he raped, sexually abused, or used so many women. Of course to those who know that Mr. Clinton grew up in a trailer park, it isn’t surprising. Then we have his mysterious time in the Soviet Union that has never been explained. Like I told my class, nobody I knew spent time in Russia. At that time we were in a “cold war.” A letter that he wrote can be found here.  It is part of the Congressional record.  I also addressed the fact that Mrs Clinton married Bill for political gain. because rumor has it that she likes women more than men.  She also appears to have a special affinity for the Muslim Brotherhood via her most trusted aide Huma Abedin.   There are too many scandals and lies to reiterate. The Clintons are like the Bonnie and Clyde of the political world, but get away with a lot more. Again, my class was incredulous that these people are held in such high regard.

When the media whores ask if Trump is “fit to be president” I wonder what universe they’re inhabiting. He doesn’t drink, do drugs or smoke cigarettes. Not one of his three adult children are trust fund kids. They all work in the empire he built legally, and follow his role model of abstaining from contemporary poisons. Comparing the beautiful and talented Ivanka to the not so beautiful Chelsea is like comparing a Lamborghini to a VW Beetle. They’re not in the same class. How many positions was Chelsea given as favor to her parents? Ivanka has her own line of clothes and jewelry and worked for what she has. here

2 3 2011 - B Show  - The Trump Family

Mr. Trump worked for his father before he set out on his own and his children have also learned the business from the ground up. His belief in hard work and responsibility is a legacy of his father, Fred, and his immigrant grandfather. It looks like our pundits and media prefer murderers, adulterers and addicts to a true American dynasty that we can be proud of. So someone please explain why Trump ” isn’t fit to be president.”

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