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Lashon Hara or A Wicked Tongue

Our country is on fire and it looks like gasoline is being poured on  daily.  The animosity and lies against President Trump infects our country and  unfortunately the poison even affected my own home.  After the tragic and despicable shooting of  Representative Scalise I decided to reframe the hatred: to put the argument in non political language.  The Lefty self hating Jews are going to scream even louder, but  it looks like they slept during Hebrew school and never learned that gossiping, spreading lies, and  defamatory speech is against our religion. The taboo of  lashon hara, or having an evil tongue; is written in our Torah more than thirty times and is the reason Miriam, Moses’s sister, was afflicted with leprosy as well as the Israelites forty year march in the desert.

The law doesn’t just apply to Jews. As anyone who is a true Christian will admit, Jesus was a Jew. Living in the South for many years, I learned that many bible based Christian religions study the “Old Testament” as well as the New Testament. The religious ethos of Christianity  is built on the laws of Judaism. As a matter of fact, the great and famous rabbi Hillel stated “Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you,” while Jesus was growing up. Sound familiar? The point is, since we’re still a  Judeo- Christian country, isn’t it time to examine our behavior?

People my age grew up with  the platitude ” Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  Judaism teaches the polar opposite. As a matter of fact, we beg G-d’s forgiveness for the sins of improper speech more than a dozen times during our Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur.  We are taught that the tongue (lashon) can be used as a weapon to destroy someone’s life.  The ramification of this can be read in the news and seen on TV every day. The domino effect of rumors, gossip, and plain malicious language has turned  hatred into a political tool.  This shouldn’t be surprising since we have seen since the 1970’s how  Fatah and Hamas rev up its base with hate speech  against Israel . Invoking malicious and incendiary lies for political gain always ends in mayhem and murder as we saw in the assassination attempt at the Congressional baseball game.

We live in country that guarantees  our freedom of speech and individual freedom. That gives us the right to disagree and have different opinions about our government and politicians. It doesn’t give us the right to ruin peoples reputations.One doesn’t have to be a psychologist to understand that human beings have different opinions and tastes. Some people prefer chocolate, others vanilla, and some dislike ice cream entirely.  Let’s stick to the issues, debate the issues, and forget lashon  hara before we see more violence and destruction.

Jews On the Side of the Tigers Once Again

Dead_rabbiAbe Foxman, head of the ADL, has, once again, stood on the side of the tiger. He    announced that Bibi should not speak to our Congress since it is “unhelpful” with “unintended consequences.” As a Jew  I am sick of these milquetoast orators and back slappers “representing the Jewish people.” Foxman, named appropriately, is like the perennial fox in the henhouse. His standing as a “macher,” a Yiddish word for big shot, because he’s  head of  a “major Jewsih organization” gives him credibility while in actuality the Anti- Defamation League has lost its credibility for any Jew who’s been paying attention.

The Anti- Defamation league is no longer a Jewish organization advocating for Jews and monitoring anti- Semitic attacks.  It is just another one of the progressive collaborating organizations advocating for the rights of the transgender community, homosexuals, and Blacks. It is also interesting to note that the organization is solidly against displaying the Ten Commandments, the common standard of moral behavior of both Jews and Christians, in any public building. No matter that displaying the Ten Rules of civilized behavior is not the same as declaring a government religion like in Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or even the Church of England. No, Abe Foxman does not speak for me or for most Jews I know.

If the words “ Never again” actually mean something, then people like Caroline Glick, Ben Shapiro, Pamela Geller, and Morton Klein actually do speak for many in the Jewish community. We have a president who announces that the Islamic terror massacre of the Jewish grocery, Hyper Cacher, was “random.” I’m sure that thousands of Jews fleeing France is just random too, or in our new Orwellian logic just a coincidence. According to the Jerusalem Post Jews were omitted from a list of minorities mentioned in President Obama’s authorization of force to Congress:

“US  President Barack Obama, in his proposed resolution for Congress that formally authorizes broad-scale use of force against the Islamic State terrorist organization wherever it is, specifically singles out several ethnic groups threatened by the group: Iraqi Christians, Yezidis and Turkmens. ”

I’m sure that was just a random mistake or misprint because no member of any Muslim the group has ever declared “Death to the Jews” or murdered Jews in the name of Allah.

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.
– George Orwell

Unfortunately many secular Jews don’t know their own history and continue to grovel to those in power. Instead of unending  Holocaust education about all the Jews that were murdered like sheep for the slaughter, maybe we should have monuments and memorials for all the Jews who fought valiantly for their people like Herzl and Jabotinsky.

Theordor Herzl, an educated secular Jew, was both a lawyer and journalist who covered the notoriously anti-Semitic Dreyfus affair, He believed that anti-Semitism was so rampant that either Jews needed to convert or have a country of their own in order to survive. Zev Jabotinsky was another cosmopolitan Jew who understood the necessity of trained Jewish soldiers standing up in the defense of Jews. Menacham Begin, a disciple, believed that as well. Without his underground war against the British, the state of Israel may not have been resurrected. Rabbi Meir Kahane, formerly an FBI agent, created the Jewish Defense League to protect Jewish communities against anti- Semitic violence. Ironically, he was the first casualty of Palestinian terrorism on USA soil. The young people in the Warsaw Ghetto miraculously held off the Nazis for a month with smuggled and homemade weapons. The percentage that lived to tell the tale is extraordinary considering the strength of the enemy.

Jews have a history of standing on the side of the tiger and eventually getting eaten. Many thought Hitler would bring prosperity back to Germany and Communism would bring an end to anti- Semitism. The millions slaughtered by both ideologies tell the ugly truth. Jews need to stand up for themselves and learn to protect themselves before the tiger’s next meal.

Jewish liberals

The Charlie Hebdo Hypocrisy

Dead_rabbiThe Charlie Hebdbo massacre by Islamic jihadists was horrific. So was the massacre at the kosher market that , and the murders of the rabbi and three children in Toulouse, France in 2012. How about the Fogel family who were all slaughtered in their beds, the three young men kidnapped and then executed, and the bloodbath of the five rabbis praying at synagogue in Har Nof? On that day the brutal savages  created five widows and 24 orphans. All of these terrible and nefarious murders were perpetrated by people with one thing in common. They were Muslim jihadists.

An editor of a popular Jewish newspaper writes that there hasn’t been this much Jewish emigration from France since World War II. Jews in France are scared and why shouldn’t they be? France has the dishonor of having many Nazi collaborators during WWII and  shipping many Jews  to concentration camps. After this latest evil scenario, with dead bodies scattered around  Paris and the discovery that a Jewish school was an earlier target, authorities closed the Great Synagogue  but left the Mosque open. That may sound cautious and caring, but the Jews had to form minyans (prayer groups) hiding In fear, while the Muslims weren’t inconvenienced at all.

Mahmoud Abbas, the right hand man of terrorist leader, Yasser Arafat, marched in a prominent place arm in arm with leaders of the free world. This is the same Mahmoud Abbas, who enjoins his people to kill Jews. How insane is our world? This is the same man who gives out candy when Jewish babies are killed and celebrates the “martyrs” who murder Jews; however, it was Netanyahiu who they didn”t want

Cartoonists were murdered because they drew pictures of Mohammed and the world suddenly noticed. Immediately there was a hashtag #JesuisCharlieHebdo and millions of people converged on Paris to show solidarity for free speech and against terrorism. Leaders from all across the world smugly joined together arm-in -arm , but nothing will change. Just like Europe collaborated with the Nazis, it Is doing the same with Islam.  At least Obama isn’t a hypocrite.  He showed the world exactly where he stands and validates what he wrote in his  book when he told a Muslim immigrant group, “I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – See more at: .  It’s time to look at the world the wy it is, not the way we want it to be. je-suis-juif-e1420980995698


Listen Up Jews!

Shema is one of the most recited prayers in Judaism. It is normally translated as listen. I’m afraid our country, including Jews who live free and unafraid unlike in Europe, are not following that dictum. It is time we started. We must listen to our inner voices and what our officials, newsmakers and especially enemies are saying. That inner voice is part of our spiritual nature,  Whether we call it our conscience, our soul,an angel, or even G-d it is our guide and moral compass.

Earlier this week Glenn Beck made an unusual and personal revelation about his health. What struck me, beyond his  personal trauma was his dilemma. While his health deteriorated and his enemies continued to smear and slander him, he kept  hearing this voice telling him to continue his difficult and energy sapping work, He soldiered on, praying with every step, and miraculously his  debilitaing illnes was diagnosed properly and his work able to continue.

World Net Daily published the personal  story of Christine Wiek, who courageously stood up in the National Cathedral, where Muslim prayer rugs were spread and her Christian religion was blasphemed. She is called a “heckler” by many media outlets, although reading about her strange journey to this  private closed”interfaith” event  I call her a  brave Christian soldier. Her journey, standing for her country and religion, started with listening to that small still voice. Miraculously, she was not arrested nor was any violence perpetrated against her.

Not only do we have to listen to that voice, but we have to listen to what our enemies say.  The National Cathedral is the church where many presidents and other American political leaders worship. Islamic doctrine states that Christianity and Judaism are  “abrogated ” religions. That means that they no longer have meaning or can exist under Islam.  Bringing a Muslim prayer service, under the guise of  brotherhood, to the National Cathedral was  demonstrating Muslim power over Christians in American.

Then , of course, we have the dhimmi (or is it dummy?) Jews who still aren’t listening to the message being sent to us from our enemies all over the world. Anyone who thinks that a two state solution is possible isn’t listening to the chants of Allah Akbar as Jews are run over or stabbed in Jerusalem.  Arab leaders like Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) exhort their people to kill Jews because its their obligation as Muslims.  Instead of decrying the murder of innocents our president and Arabist State department scolds and threatens Israel for building houses in its own country.

Leaders of the Conference of Jewish Organizations issued a milquetoast statement after the Jeffery Goldberg article in The Atlantic. In it he stated that Prime Mimister Natanyahu was called unacceptable and derogatory names by White House officials. That would have started an uprising with a  less civilized tribe. It’s time for Jews to listen to what’s being said. Democrats have accepted the One World idea of the Nazis and their Arab allies. Its Jewish minions are the new kapos. The Democrat platform denied G-d three times and stated that  Jerusalem has to work out its “final status.” Why would any Jews give them money or loyalty? I’d like to think that its only because they’re not really listening, not because they’re self hating Jews. G-d is the creator of miracles. Glenn listened to that inner voice and so did Ms. Wiek. All we have to do is start listening.