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5775: The Year of the New Jew

Wednesday evening Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year, begins. Unlike January 1 the secular New Year, it’s not celebrated with raucus parties and televising a young drunken crowd in Times Square, herded into animal-like stalls, waiting for the ball to drop for the nascent year. Judaism marks the years more solemnly. Since, according to the Jewish calendar our New Year will be 5775, we have been doing this for a while so perhaps we should pay attention and declare this the year of the new Jew.

Jewish children are taught that on Rosh Ha Shanah Ha Shem ( G-d) opens the Book of Life and decrees what will happen to each individual. At this time, and until Yom Kippur, we have a chance to make amends and start anew to behave in a better way, so that our Judge and Creator will have mercy. Observing our political scene and the many Jewish organizations who don’t firmly stand for Jews,Israel, or the American ideals I believe we are in dire need to make changes.

It is time for Jews to stand up for themselves. We have to stop acting ashamed,embarrassed, and afraid. We have done nothing wrong, unless of course, civilizing the world is wrong. Jews don’t cut off people’s heads, murder their wives and daughters,or make slaves of anyone who doesn’t believe the way they do. The Jewish land of Israel is an oasis of freedom in a desert of Islamic totalitarianism. So why do we cower and compromise with those who want us gone? Why do we negotiate and give credence to organizations that want us to disappear from the face of the earth?

Our president praised the contributions of Muslims in America to an Egyptian audience
“The contribution of Muslims to the United States are too long to catalog, because Muslims are so interwoven into the fabric of our communities and our country.”
Read more at” I still have’t seen the list. President Jefferson knew that in order to trade and transport freely on the seas we’d need a special navy force called the “marines” to fight tne Muslim barbarians that captured Americans as hostages and slaves. Is that the contribution he spoke about?

Jews. on the other hand, have contributed from the very beginning of this country. Without the banker Haim Solomon there wouldn’t have been an American Revolution. Many southern cities like Charleston, South Carolina were enriched and settled by Jews. The next time some smart aleck proposes more boycott derangement syndrome action against Israel we should suggest he throw away his jeans since they were invented by Levi Strauss, another American Jew. And how about Hollywood? Instead of cringing and denying when some racist screeches “the Jews own Hollywood” we should proudly declare they invented Hollywood, the fashion industry, polio shots, and the NAACP.

Meir Kahane, who was murdered by a Muslim terrorist, was right. Jews have to protect themselves, but at the same time we must be proud of who we are. We are a people who bring innovation and creativity to the world. Robin Williams was asked by a German reporter why there were so few German comedians. His answer? ” You killed them all.” If we want a different future, then 5775 must be the year of the new Jew.The Neverending War by Leviticus

Painting: The Endless War by Leviticus


Hedonism has run rampant. The Left has infected our American culture with the its poison. I believe that the only way we can stop this deluge of increasingly less civilized behavior is to find common ground between Jews and Christians and to work together to build a wall against the poison.”Love thy neighbor as yourself.” We can use this guiding principle working together in both the business and personal aspects of our lives.

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True Freedom

According to Yehuda Avner’s essential book The Prime Ministers Menecham Begin unapologetic informed Lord Carrington, one of the anti-Semites in the Thatcher government, that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel thousands of years before London was created. He then stood his ground against the suicidal demands of those “enlightened” masters of Israel, knowing that the Jews always stand alone. Prime Minister Begin did what he thought was right for his country and for his extended family of Jews no matter the strength of the enemy,the sentiments of popular journalists, or the lies perpetuated by political foes. So how is this story connected to Chanukah and the United States?


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Racism as Poison

One has to wonder why the toxic allegations of racism have suddenly appeared as a daily dose of disparagement to individuals and our country. This is especially true when slavery and hate is a pillar of society in many Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, while in the United States slavery was outlawed in 1865 and included three amendments to codify the new societal structure.

Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest and most powerful women people in the United States, or as our dear leader prefers to call them, one of the 1%, had the gall to badmouth the people of America who had made her a household name. Plugging her movie, she stated to the BBC reporter that Americans, “are not happy with the president partly because of his race.” Let’s get it straight once and for all.

If Americans were so racist our dear leader wouldn’t have been elected twice and made the fat black lesbian a billionaire. This bogus argument is used to disguise the real hate of Leftist blacks and their white useful idiots. These moronic elitist probably never heard what happens to them when they’re not needed anymore. All logic and history is being tossed out to fit a narrative that the radical left party, masquerading as Democrats, want in order to transform this country into something unrecognizable.

In their crazy Alice in Wonderland reality,all whites today are responsible for slavery perpetrated almost two hundred years ago. I have a very laconic question. Did you notice how few Jewish survivors of the Nazi holocaust and Gulag hellholes preach hate? And, by the way, that horror happened to people who are STILL ALIVE today or family members who recount the horrors of parents or grandparents. Since this is a country of immigrants, I can assure these victim pimps that I not only was not alive but my forbears were living in Poland and Hungary and had to deal with institutionalized antisemitism and pray that during the savage pogroms loved ones wouldn’t be killed or raped. Many of our students are not taught that there has been institutionalized discrimination against Irish, Italians, and Jews. There were signs hung outside buildings and places of commerce that ” Jews and dogs not allowed.” Universities, like Emory, that are full of Jewish students today, did not allow Jews to apply. Instead of kvetching, Jews built their own hotels, businesses, and parents urged children to do well so that universities COULDN’T deny them entrance. Freedom Riders to free the south of segregation? Many white people heard the call and even died to protect black rights.

I, for one, have taught in urban schools. Not only are grades inflated but there is total disrespect for white teachers. Teaching 6th grade in 1989 I was told by my class how much they hated “Whitey.” and therefore didn’t have to listen. I went to the board and had them help me make a list of the mean, racist whites in their lives. They couldn’t come up with anyone. You should have seen their shock. It’s time we stand our ground and call out the true racists, otherwise the poison will destroy us.