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An Unsung Hero

The other night I had the pleasure of hearing Avi Jorisch of the Intelligence Gathering Group speak at a Jewish Federation dinner.

“Big deal,” you say. “I heard Joe Shmoe. so what?”

The difference is that Avi Jorisch, unlike Joe Shmoe, is one of the unsung heroes of this country. Through his work with the Near East Policy Institute he managed to get Al Manar, a Hezballah sponsored TV network labeled a terrorist entity. Through his insightful research, diligence, and bravery his counter intelligence work proved fruitful. Enough evidence was presented to the US government to designate Al Manar an arm of terrorism.

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What Is Happening Here?

The brilliant Caroline Glick wrote a great piece for Frontpage Magazine concerning the apology and possible consequences of Bibi’s apology to Turkey’s prime minister Erdogen. What was the apology for? Those darn Jews had the audacity to protect themselves against the faux “peaceniks” on the Mavi Marmara who went after them with metal rods and knives (see clips above.)

Let’s start with the big, showy, and not to mention expensive trip that the Big O didn’t have to make. Certainly not to impress American Jews who voted for him in droves. No matter what he does, they accept and cheer his ‘audacity,’ or what I like to call antisemitism. But like abused wives making excuses for violent husbands they keep returning for more love pats.

Bibi’s under no such illusion- especially after the Big O slapped him silly by refusing to speak to the Knesset. It could be that he didn’t want to stand in the same place Glenn Beck did a few years ago. Or, more likely, it could be that he wanted to speak directly to the radical students who were the only ones invited to this historical occasion.

As he spoke under a banner of the PLO terrorist leader Yasser Arafat,the audience of young radicals cheered and certainly understood the symbolism. This was the same playbook he used in Egypt to usher in the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood. This is the man who imperially sat in Prime Minister Natanyahu’s office as he made the call to Erdogan. Now Erdogan has raised the jizya price to 1,000,000 per “victim” and just one small additional thing- the opening of the Gaza blockade

CAMERA’s Eye on the Media

Happening NowWishin I Could Cry  The other night I went to a presentation given by CAMERA, the foremost organization monitoring how the media presents the Israeli-“Palestinian”conflict to the American public. It was held at a Boca Raton synagogue so I expected a lot of people and was afraid I wouldn’t gain entry because I hadn’t preregistered. No problem. There were plenty of seats.

Although the hall eventually filled up, I only saw one person under 50. It’s a shame because we received a lot of important information, including a free copy of its published study “Indicting Israel” an empirical examination of how differently the New York Times treats Israel and faux Palestine. The outcome was that Israel was criticized more than two and a half times more than their neighbors. Since The New York Times is considered “the newspaper of record” international media choose their coverage and attitudes based on what is printed in this American Pravda. It’s not like the New York Times doesn’t have a history of ignoring antisemitism and totalitarianism. Its bias and prejudice towards thugs and barbarians has been so obvious, its theme song could be ‘Anything Goes.”- by any enemy of Israel. The evidence is laid out professionally based on more than almost three hundred articles related to the Israeli-“Palestinian” conflict.

I think the worst thing for me to hear was that so many of the writers and editors are, and were in the past, Jews. It’s time that their voices shilling their socialist propaganda be silenced. Purposeful or not, they sell their own people to the highest bidder time and time again. Like the Torah teaches- “in every generation.” It’s time for a new meme and courageous organizations like CAMERA are leading the way by giving bloggers and grassroot organizations ammunition in their fight for Truth. Torah admonishes us to stay far away from falsehoods. Emet, or truth, is one of the eternal values we are taught. CAMERA is focusing on the truth and by doing so is doing the heroic job of the righteous.

Huma Ain’t From Yuma

Huma Abedin, Anthony’s Weiner’s wife, is Hilary Clinton, the Secretary of State’s Deputy Chief of Staff. Another way to state this is: Huma Abedin Weiner, wife of THAT Anthony Weiner, is the main assistant Secretary of State. Plus, she never leaves Hilary’s side. Thanks to www.joshuapundit for the reminder of that cozy twosome or is it a menage a trois?
Now, I couldn’t care less if Hilary had a girlfriend- it’s not my business, but having the daughter and sister of big Muslim Brotherhood machas ( Yiddish for bigshots) influencing your decisions is quite another matter.
To anyone who has been paying attention, it is well documented that Huma has intimate ties to Muslim Brotherhood topdogs through her mother and brother. We also know that the The Muslim Brotherhood has sworn to restore the Caliphate, which is also part of their mission statement. Destroying the USA is also part of the plan. It’s also not new and not a secret.
The USA has had a history with the Arabs, going back to Thomas Jefferson who believed that if we paid their jizya we’d be stuck forever by becoming a dhimmi nation. He believed that Americans should stand for their freedom and independence. So, instead of paying them, he convinced Congress to fight them and so the Marines were formed. He knew that our Arab enemies believed then, as they believe today, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.”
Our recent foreign policy has me wondering if we have finally reached that shameful dhimmi status that would have Thomas Jefferson rolling over in his grave. The Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates have taken power in Egypt,Tunisia,and Libya. Our government has covertly aided our sworn enemies political rise while telling us that it’ s fine and dandy. So this has had me wondering. I’m sure Huma is a very nice lady but I don’t think she has American interests at heart. What we need to worry about is what the Arabist State Department is NOT telling us and just what is Huma whispering in Hilary’s ear?