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Oy, Oy Vey, and Oy Gevalt

Happening Now

Oy, oy veh and oy gevalt are Yiddish cries of  measured anguish. Oy is used when there’s a drip in your faucet. Oy gevalt is when the toilet overflows. Our country is headed straight to oy gevalt We have a president who prefers playing golf and raising money to his job of commander- in- chief. His State Department pressures Israel, the only Westernized country in the Middle East, into cease fires and American tax dollars help fund the Hamas death tunnels. This country is divided into the “elite” who can do no wrong, even when they lie, cheat, and steal like Jon Corzine  Lois Lerner, and Hillary Clinton and the rest of us who are only one mistake away from trouble. Continue reading

Stan the Man

The  Jewish Republican Club of Broward County Florida invited Mr. Stanley Tate to speak at our monthly meeting. Although Stanley Tate isn’t a household name, maybe it should b;e because he’s living proof of the American  Dream.  Unlike many Jews who immigrated to this country, Mr. Tate is a born and bred Floridian who worked himself up from a  poor farm boy to a behind the scenes mover and shaker in the backrooms of power.

What he spoke about  was extremely disconcerting and should frighten us all. He declared that he has never seen  antisemitism in this country like he is seeing today.  He added that he was afraid that our children and grandchildren will suffer the same fate of the European Jews in the last century. He asserted that the Geneva peace initiative and the easing of the Iranian sanctions are strategies guaranteed to destroy Israel before destroying the USA. He was adamant that there is no way Israel can win a war against Iran. To our dismay this came directly from a man who has a personal relationship with BIbi Natanyahu as well as other world leaders and is old enough to remember WWII.

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