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Jewish American Heritage Month?

May, Jewish American heritage Month has come and gone. Although  I worked in a more than a few public schools in Florida I never saw one lesson plan or poster disseminating that information. There weren’t any morning announcements informing students of the people and heritage being honored as is the norm during the month honoring a different culture.   May, like February, which is African American History Month was designated and signed into law by Congress and signed by George W. Bush in 2006. A question every Jew should be asking is why black history is shoved down the throat of every school child and our Jewish heritage and contributions ignored.Goodman

During the month of February, bulletin boards are festooned with reports and drawings of Matthew Henson, Mary Mc Leod Bethune, and of course Martin Luther King. Students are never taught that the civil rights movement was supported and  propelled  by Jewish lawyers, rabbis, and students. Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwermer were murdered because they stood with Martin Luther King for integrating the South and registering blacks to vote. Their deaths are never mentioned. How many people know that the NAACP was started by Jews, for the benefit of blacks, who at the time found no insult in being called “colored.”

How many children will graduate from high school believing that blacks were the only people taken and owned as slaves and never learn that slavery is still perpetuated around the world? I’m disgusted that school children know the name of Crispus Attucks as the first man to be killed in the Revolutionary War, but don’t know the name Chaim Solomon, who financed the war and died broke. Why don’t children learn that the first Jews arrived here in 1654 and that Charleston, South Carolina had the largest and most prosperous Jewish population in the US in the 1800’s.

Why don’t our children learn how Jewish doctors vanquished the scourge of polio by discovering the polio vaccine and that Jewish scientists like Einstein, Oppenheimer, and Teller helped win World War II  from Los Alamos. Why don’t they learn about the beginning of Hollywood and the immigrants who came from nothing and built an entertainment industry rivaled nowhere in the world?.  Seventh Ave. was the home of the schmatta business and where Ralph Lauren, nee Lipschitz and Calvin Klein got their starts. Jews are intrinsically linked with the freedom and wealth of this country and instead of celebrating our achievements we not only diminish them, but disregard them.

Federations put a lot of money into  “ Holocaust studies” Funny how that works.  Although students are treated to the horrors of concentration camps, the terror European Jews faced on a daily basis, and the result of anti- Semitic hatred ,jewmogulit not only continues but is perpetuated by lies against Israel.  Federations and Jewish education groups like CAJE, grant money and resources to groups like the New Israel Fund that are Jewish in name only.  It’s time that these organizations finance an education that teach young Jews to be proud of their heritage and gentiles to respect our contributions to this country.  Otherwise, just like in Germany, Poland, and Russia, we will be crying  and wondering how such hatred and horror could happen again; this time  in the country where  Irving Berlin, a Jew ,wrote the words to ” G-d Bless America.”

Smells Like Black Privilege

aL AND oBAMAI was reminded by a Russian woman ,who became a US citizen many years ago, that Socialism demands that everyone must work.” If you don’t work you don’t eat.” Many observing the loss of our freedoms declare that this is ‘socialism or communism.’ Wrong- It appears that our government is in the process of a quiet  dismantling  of what’s left of our republic. Let’s face it. The powers that be know we love our families, friends, and what’s left of our freedom. Only by incrementally deconstructing our society could  a new form of government be built.

Over the last few weeks  the media portrayed thugs and agitators who burnt down businesses as democracy loving protestors. They ignored the fact that streets and highways were shut down by rioters as Black rage fueled Black racism against “White privilege.” Police and the National Guard did nothing to stop it. The same techniques that were used in South Africa to take over the country are being used here. We have yet to see the end game that the elites envision, but the rampaging violence against the so called injustice is spreading. The race baiter and poverty pimp, Al Sharpton, is treated like royalty while the concerns of hardworking citizens who built businesses and contribute to the economy are ignored by both sides of the aisle. Thousands of black “church” members cheered when Louis Farrakhan called for violence against whites, but no arrest for incitement was made.  Apparently many people do not believe the Judeo-Christian ethos of “Love thy neighbor.” Instead, they are willing to destroy what people have spent their lives building.

The riots are just one tactic. Our education system is fueling this too. If Common Core is not squelched we will see more and more of it. Firstly, our history and culture is being obliterated and secondly because students are being taught in a slapdash manner that is not conducive to learning.

Let me explain. I am involved in Florida schools and see what is going on. I also tutor  various grade levels and am familiar with curriculum and assignments. For example, two Black men,  Crispus Attucks and James Armistead, are being taught as being important men of the American Revolution. One was the first man shot and the other a spy for the Patriots. Their contributions  shouldn’t be minimized, but certainly should not replace Founders  like Patrick Henry, William Morris, or even Chaim Solomon who helped finance the Revolution. Even though we have a federal holiday to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King the most important part of his speech,  “…my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not bejudged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  is being ignored. During   Black History Month students are inundated with figures  whose contributions to our country are minimal and  are not taught the historical context of slavery so many end up thinking we were the only slave holding country.

Since our children must be “culturally diverse” they read stories about children from all over the world, but not the USA. Little House on the Prairie, the classic book by Laura Ingalls Wilder is forgotten. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by the great American author Mark Twain also disappeared. Instead, comprehension worksheets connected to nothing are given out daily. One day it could be about rainbows and the next day different types of whales. It is difficult to develop a love of reading that way or learn the unique nature of our country. No educational professional with integrity could think this is good for our children or the future of our nation. Faux education is a sly way to cultivate a slave or dhimmi culture, especially with all the children of  uneducated illegals in the public schools.

White privilege is the new mantra, even though that makes no sense. The people of this country elected a Black president not once but twice. Unfortunately he chooses to favor the  race of his father who abandoned him, even though his White mother and her family  raised him. Eric Holder, another black man, is the Attorney General of the United States. Conoleeza Rice and Colin Powell were Secretaries of State and let’s not forget Oprah, the richest woman in our country. The entertainment and sports industries are filled with talented black multi-millionaires. Every local, state, and national governmemt infrastructure has black personnel and cities like Newark, Detroit, and Washington D.C> have or had black mayors. It may not be perfect. but the opportunity is there for anyone who wants to take it. The reality doesn’t match the whining of victimhood. It is time for all good men to put a stop to the insanity. If not, we  are no better than that sorry fellow who got mugged and robbed and said he “understands why the perpetrator did  it.”  Our country is a country which welcomes all who come here legally. Life is tough.  We know there is no White privilege, but it’s starting to smell a lot like Black privilege


Khrushchev USA 1959.

Purple Penguins From Red Rubbish

its-differentJewish children are taught that the first job G-d gave Adam was to name all the animals. From that story we glean that words are important. And that they have meaning. We are taught that at the time of the moshiach (messiah) the lion will lie down with the lamb. If media started crowing nonstop that lambs and lions are cuddling togerher in a pen at the DC zoo, one would have to call them liars. Reality would refute that. Peace hasn’t found a home in this world and it would be sheer foolishness or even dangerous to believe their nonsense.So why do we accept the language the Red Rubbish( formerly known as Progressives) chooses to win their political battles?

In the book the The Rebbe by Joseph Telushkin, the biographer cites certain virtues and behaviors the Rebbe espoused as crucial. One of them was the importance of using words correctly and positively. According to the author, Rabbi Schneerson even suggested that Israeli hospitals change their name from bet cholim, House of the Sick to a more positive name; House of Healing (bet Refuachim) which described its purpose better and would give people more hope.

The people of the United States have been confronted with a lexicon promoted by the Left and its minions that redefine words so that they no longer have meaning. Now bastardizing a language isn’t enough, they want to rewire children for a political agenda that will, at best, confuse them and at worst harm them. The handout teachers got in Omaha promoted using “non-sexist” language like calling boys and girls purple penguins and allowing each student to choose the pronoun he or she prefers in addressing oneself. Got that?

I have worked with children as a teacher or counselor for more than 35 years. In that time I have met NO children confused about their identity. The handout comes from GenderSpectrum,which can be found
here Note the name. Gender does not exist on a spectrum, just like marriage isn’t between a couple of the same sex. That doesn’t mean they can’t live together or have a civil union. Historically, marriage is a bond between a man and a woman in order to procreate and raise a family.

According to the thesurus, diversity means variance or dissmilarity. Instead of respecting the differnces among us, whether it’s cultures or individuals; our government, Lefty NGOs and assorted political groups demand that we pretend we’re all the same, when just looking at the differnces in members of any family refutes that ridiculous notion.

The word apartheid comes from the Afrikanner language of South Africa. It was a rigorous system of separating the races. Israel is called an ” apartheid” nation when it is as inclusive as the USA or more so. There are Muslim Arabs, Christians, Druze, and all shades of complexions in the IDF, government, and in every neighborhood. Signs and paperwork are printed in Hebrew and Arabic. Zionism is not racism, but an answer to the almost universal anti- Semitism of Europe and the Islamic world.

We are told by our president, Barack Hussein Obama, that the Islamic State of the Levant or ISIL is not Islamic. Well, if it’s in the title of that dangerous and murderous organization then that’s what it is. And when we’re told to believe that beheading “infidels”, slaughtering Christians, and taking young Christian girls as sex slaves is not the real “religion of peace” maybe those female sex slaves were really purple penguins as defined by the Red Rubbish. “Khrushchev USA 1959

Discipline is Now Discrimination

The original Black Panthers
The original Black Panthers

Here’s one for you. What do Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie, Trayvon Martin, NAACP, and President Obama have in common? Strangely,all of them are connected to the new Broward County Discipline Policy. This disturbing new policy has been sold as the panacea for the high number of black males arrested and sent to juvenile detention centers. This new statist policy is promoted by the NAACP (see link) and quoted below. This ludicrous experiment of course, got very little attention from the media or questioned by the Broward County Board of Education. Here is the link to the NAACP http://www.naacp.org/pages/trayvons-law-summary

“In addition, state advocates can include policies that aim to dismantle the school to prison pipeline – which are critical to keeping youth safe and in schools.” Every time I read that I could swear that it grammatically states that “the school to prison pipeline” is critical for school safety but I digress.

There’s also an interesting Iranian connection here. According to NAACP Criminal Justice Director, Niaz Kasravi, this type of racial disparity causes issues outside of school. Perhaps the Iranian Dr Kasravi and special White House advisor Valerie Jarrett are acquainted? “This is the same problem of racial profiling that we see happening with the stop-and-frisk abuses, the same problem that led to the death of Trayvon Martin,” Kasravi said. “It is time that we break this vicious cycle, and we focus on investing in our student’s education, versus investing in incarcerating them.” Perhaps, Niaz Kasravi PHD, if Trayvon was arrested for the stolen jewelry and drugs he’d be alive today.
Click here for full the description of Trayvon’s Law.

The reality is that NY Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has a better concept of what works and what doesn’t than Ms. Niaz Kasravi who has a PHD in criminal justice and never worked the streets. In addition, it was NEVER the school who pressed charges but Broward Resource Officers placed in the schools for security.

Although “The stark reality is that violence is happening disproportionately in minority communities,” Kelly went on to say, suggesting that police are saving more minority lives, not just targeting them for stops. He continued by stating that the murder rate has gone down 50% since the program was instituted.

Now to our Harvard educated superintendent who never taught, but worked under Arne Duncan as technology consultant and Chief of Staff. He was voted in as superintendent by a well paid Board of Education that must never have heard about Chicago corruption. Instead, they probably thought it would be great to have someone tied to our Chicago political machine president. I suppose all those nefarious connections will make Broward County, which has the dubious honor of winning an award explaining Common Core, a pioneer in public education, but as my husband says,”Public education is child abuse.” Quoting Carl of the Blog Spot I have to add,”What could go wrong?”

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