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Israel: A Modern Miracle

MAP_Israel-todayPolitico came out with a statement that the US might no longer be a shield for Israel against international pressure here. I got news for  Obama, the Amerian Pravda- Politico, and all the Lefists who are salivating for the demise of Israel. There is only one shield for Israel- G-d. Some people are non- believers.  Some people  believe in One World government (like the Nazi George Soros), but  the country of Israel is populated by people who still believe in miracles.

How can they not be when they have been harangued  by  international hate pundits daily and the country still thrives.  Its southern border was bombarded by thousand s of Hamas rockets and it still thrives. Not to mention, of course, the hundreds of miles of terror tunnels dug  for the sole purpose of murdering  Israelis. The Iron Dome?  That in itself is  a miracle.because it repositioned all those missles and rockets set to destroy Jewish lives even when its operators were afraid it wasn’t working. As a matter of fact  that was proclaimed in headlines here and here and of course all of us know the miraculous  winning of every war the Arabs start with the tiny Jewish state

Unknown to many of our “intellectuals and elites” an Arab is the head of the Israel Election Committee. Not only that, but 74% of a Bedouin tribe voted for Bibi. Even Obama sending a platoon of henchmen to sabatoge the election couldn’t sway Israeli voters. Considering  that Israel is called an apartheid state, smeared and slandered daily, those uncomfortable facts make Netanyahu’s victory  miraculous. It is even more miraculous that  the tiny Jewish state, surrounded by enemies who want it wiped off the face of the earth, is not only surviving but thriving.

Torah tells of the story of the spies who were sent into the Land of Canaan.  The Hebrews were punished to wander in the desert for 40 years for  the sin of not believing that G-d’s miracles would lead them to victory over an overwhelming army. The communist Left has shackled countries and generations to the idea that there is no G-d but government. The pundits and politicians decrying the historical Netanyahu win and spreading fear of  US abandonment are of this ilk. To them the G-d of Israel is only a story that young children and unenlightened boors believe in.

I’m one of those boors who believe this Netanyahu victory is miraculous. We know our State Department spent  more than $300,000 of taxpayer money to sabatoge the election and is now plotting other ways to control its “ally.” We are often told that American will always be steadfast in her alliance to Israel. That’s not really true. What many don’t know was that Eddie Jacobson, a Jew, was Harry Truman’s best friend and business partner.  It was that relationship that sealed the United States vote for Israel independence. Isn’t that a miracle?

The modern country of Israel is only 67 years old and has accomplished more than many which are hundreds of years old. Its medical breakthroughs and technology  are among the most advanced in the world.  Netanyahu’s win wasn’t the only miracle.  The  whole counry is.

Chanukah: Festival of Miracles

Everyone knows the story of Chanukah. The children’s version is that the Greek Syrians, led by Antiochus, wouldn’t allow Jews to pray in their Temple and were ordered to bow down to idols. Then the army destroyed the Holy of Holies, but the Maccabees fought back and after winning the battle, oil was found that lasted eight days and the Everlasting Light was once again lit. It was a double miracle. Light the candles, spin the dreidle, and eat some latkes and sufganiyot.(jelly doughnuts.)

The actual story is a little more complex. Just like today, there were many Jews who adopted the popular culture. At that time Alexander was busy conquering the world and his Hellenic culture spread to every corner of the Mediterranean. Unlike Jews, The Greeks were a polytheistic society who worshipped idols and admired male beauty and homoerotic culture. Many Jew-ish men even went through the painful operation of reattaching their circumcised foreskin so they could pass and be part of the “elite.” Many of these assimilated Jews ignored the precepts of their religion and even fought against their own people. Apparently having power was more important than their own heritage. We are seeing this once again by many Jews in our own country

There are many Jews in NGOS like the Israel Fund, a faux pro-.Israel organization, that is actually working with and for “Palestinians.” As if this wasn’t enough, many of the major Jewish organizations, like ADL and Hillel aren’t aren’t working for the benefit of Jews anymore. Then we have people like George Soros, who claims he was born into a Jewish aChanukah Mash uphttp://http://

family, Lois Lerner the IRS doyenne who not only went after conservative  organizations, but singled out pro- Israel organizations like Z Street that were in disagreement with this administration’s peace plan.  Democrats like Gruber and Wasserman- Schultz are first class liars with no shame. And how about that Martin  A-dyck Indyck who has made it his personal jihad to crush the Netanyahu government. Although this is an abbreviated list, it would not be complete without mentioning all the Jews who continue to vote for Democrats, even after it is obvious the party is working against the best interest of Israel and even went so far as to deny  G-d three times at the Democrat Naional Convention.

The Greeks promised the Hellenist  Jews power and a rung up the social climbing ladder. How is this any different today? The Grubers and Indyks of the world make millions and are welcomed at all the  Progessive workshops and seminars like heroes. The Hellenists  were traitors to their religion and country. Progressive Jews are no better. Maybe this Chanukah  G-d will provide another miracle. Or maybe the Jewish collaborators will finally realize that in the end all the dastardly plans will come to naught..The Hellenistic Jews disappeared, but traditional Jews are still here and praying. As for myself, I pray that the Progressive Jews not only light candles, but that they  actually see the light.

5775: The Year of the New Jew

Wednesday evening Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year, begins. Unlike January 1 the secular New Year, it’s not celebrated with raucus parties and televising a young drunken crowd in Times Square, herded into animal-like stalls, waiting for the ball to drop for the nascent year. Judaism marks the years more solemnly. Since, according to the Jewish calendar our New Year will be 5775, we have been doing this for a while so perhaps we should pay attention and declare this the year of the new Jew.

Jewish children are taught that on Rosh Ha Shanah Ha Shem ( G-d) opens the Book of Life and decrees what will happen to each individual. At this time, and until Yom Kippur, we have a chance to make amends and start anew to behave in a better way, so that our Judge and Creator will have mercy. Observing our political scene and the many Jewish organizations who don’t firmly stand for Jews,Israel, or the American ideals I believe we are in dire need to make changes.

It is time for Jews to stand up for themselves. We have to stop acting ashamed,embarrassed, and afraid. We have done nothing wrong, unless of course, civilizing the world is wrong. Jews don’t cut off people’s heads, murder their wives and daughters,or make slaves of anyone who doesn’t believe the way they do. The Jewish land of Israel is an oasis of freedom in a desert of Islamic totalitarianism. So why do we cower and compromise with those who want us gone? Why do we negotiate and give credence to organizations that want us to disappear from the face of the earth?

Our president praised the contributions of Muslims in America to an Egyptian audience
“The contribution of Muslims to the United States are too long to catalog, because Muslims are so interwoven into the fabric of our communities and our country.”
Read more at http://joeforamerica.com/2014/07/obama-please-list-muslim-contributions-america/” I still have’t seen the list. President Jefferson knew that in order to trade and transport freely on the seas we’d need a special navy force called the “marines” to fight tne Muslim barbarians that captured Americans as hostages and slaves. Is that the contribution he spoke about?

Jews. on the other hand, have contributed from the very beginning of this country. Without the banker Haim Solomon there wouldn’t have been an American Revolution. Many southern cities like Charleston, South Carolina were enriched and settled by Jews. The next time some smart aleck proposes more boycott derangement syndrome action against Israel we should suggest he throw away his jeans since they were invented by Levi Strauss, another American Jew. And how about Hollywood? Instead of cringing and denying when some racist screeches “the Jews own Hollywood” we should proudly declare they invented Hollywood, the fashion industry, polio shots, and the NAACP.

Meir Kahane, who was murdered by a Muslim terrorist, was right. Jews have to protect themselves, but at the same time we must be proud of who we are. We are a people who bring innovation and creativity to the world. Robin Williams was asked by a German reporter why there were so few German comedians. His answer? ” You killed them all.” If we want a different future, then 5775 must be the year of the new Jew.The Neverending War by Leviticus

Painting: The Endless War by Leviticus


As the news becomes more and rmore appalling, many people find comfort in their religions’ Scriptures. For Jews it’s Torah. During this time before Rosh Ha Shana, Deverim, or Deuteronomy is read in synagogues all over the world. It retells Moses’ farewell to the Hebrews admonishing them to remember.         Throughout Devarim, Moses warns the people – no less than fourteen times – not to forget.

If they forget the past they will lose their identity and
sense of direction and disaster will follow. Moreover, not only are the people commanded to remember, they are also commanded to hand that memory on to their children.

Think about that. Why would Moses have to tell his people to remember? Isn’t memory natural? Maybe, for human beings, it’s too easy to forget. Maybe, we want to forget disastrous actions or choices. Maybe, he wanted to remind the Hebrews that we will keep making the same kind of mistakes if we don’t remember what happened before.

I listen to radio pundits and read many different websites and  everyone appears to be missing some salient facts that we should remember. One of those is that our president Barack Hussein Obama had a Muslim biological father and spent his formative years in a Muslim country with a Muslim stepfather. These are facts that are written in his autobiography. We know that at one time his name was Barry Soetoro. We don’t know when he changed it. We know that he thinks that the Muslim call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds he ever heard.” and that during his first inaugeration speech he said that this is “a nation of Christians and Musliims, Jewish  and Hindus and non- believers.” I remember hearing that and almost fell off my chair because this was after 9/11, the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, Yemin, Rwanda, the massacre of our marines in Lebanon, and on and on.Even conservative pundits are on the band wagon singing that our president’s bored or incompetant.

Every excuse is made except the FACTS. The facts are these, just as Judaism is transmitted through the mother, Islam is transmitted through the father. There is no personal choice. If a person chooses to leave the religion of one’s father he is an apostate and sentenced to die, just like Miriam Ibrahim. These are facts we must remember when our president makes decisions that appear to be against the welfare of the United States. Just as Moses admonished his people we must remember or disaster will follow.