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Senseless Hate =Tragedy

Charlottesville, Virginia was a sleepy little southern town until murder and mayhem not only woke up its citizens but the rest of the USA. Tragically, our country was treated to a show of violence and murder by “right wing” fascists as well as “left wing” fascists who declared the destruction of Southern monuments a viable tactic to destroy our country.Somehow, every news report forgot to mention the reason for the protest. All I heard for a couple of days was that the President didn’t say what the Fake Media, DemoratsDemocrats,Steven Hayes, Karl Rove and other assorted NeverTrumpsters wanted him to say because…. The rest of us are sick of it and all the senseless hate that our media appears to relish. We are at a flash point in our history and it is time to find common ground before it is too late.

Most Jews, even if they eat bacon three times a day go to synagogue on Yom Kippur. Although many people recognize that as a fast day they may be ignorant of another one,the commemoration of the destruction of our holy Jerusalem Temple-twice.Senseless or baseless hate, in Hebrew,sinat chinam, caused their destruction. This is not my opinion, but the conclusion of ancient Talmudic rabbis. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about The Talmud is a compendium of stories and Jewish laws written in about 200 AD. That’s over 2000 years ago! Unfortunately, our “brilliant” elites in fields like archeology and anthropology buy the cultural Marxism propaganda of ” all cultures are equal,” so the Maya, who had a savage and blood thirsty culture is held up as amazing and all Native American tribes are “peaceful.” Funny, but our own Judeo-Christian values is verboten in schools.Perhaps, if boys and girls learned that our country was built on the Judeo- Christian ethos of kindness and forgiveness it would be easier to find common ground.

I heard the president state that we all love our country. He said that no matter our race or religion, we are all Americans. I agree, but I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut because I have lost too many jobs because of my opinions.I’m afraid that if we continue down this road we will face G-d’s wrath and suffer our own destruction.Our country is at a terrible turning point. It is time to find things we agree about,instead of creating controversy. We don’t have to agree on everything, but we should agree that the first amendment gives us the right to have an opinion. Does anyone agree with his/her spouse 100% of the time? Siblings or children? What happened to discussions and compromise? Our country isn’t perfect. People aren’t perfect, but the Judeo- Christian ethic is ” Do not do to others what you don’t want done to you. ” stated by Hillel or ” “Do unto others as you want others to do to you.” stated by Jesus. It was said for a reason – the tragedy of senseless hate.

Lashon Hara or A Wicked Tongue

Our country is on fire and it looks like gasoline is being poured on  daily.  The animosity and lies against President Trump infects our country and  unfortunately the poison even affected my own home.  After the tragic and despicable shooting of  Representative Scalise I decided to reframe the hatred: to put the argument in non political language.  The Lefty self hating Jews are going to scream even louder, but  it looks like they slept during Hebrew school and never learned that gossiping, spreading lies, and  defamatory speech is against our religion. The taboo of  lashon hara, or having an evil tongue; is written in our Torah more than thirty times and is the reason Miriam, Moses’s sister, was afflicted with leprosy as well as the Israelites forty year march in the desert.

The law doesn’t just apply to Jews. As anyone who is a true Christian will admit, Jesus was a Jew. Living in the South for many years, I learned that many bible based Christian religions study the “Old Testament” as well as the New Testament. The religious ethos of Christianity  is built on the laws of Judaism. As a matter of fact, the great and famous rabbi Hillel stated “Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you,” while Jesus was growing up. Sound familiar? The point is, since we’re still a  Judeo- Christian country, isn’t it time to examine our behavior?

People my age grew up with  the platitude ” Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  Judaism teaches the polar opposite. As a matter of fact, we beg G-d’s forgiveness for the sins of improper speech more than a dozen times during our Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur.  We are taught that the tongue (lashon) can be used as a weapon to destroy someone’s life.  The ramification of this can be read in the news and seen on TV every day. The domino effect of rumors, gossip, and plain malicious language has turned  hatred into a political tool.  This shouldn’t be surprising since we have seen since the 1970’s how  Fatah and Hamas rev up its base with hate speech  against Israel . Invoking malicious and incendiary lies for political gain always ends in mayhem and murder as we saw in the assassination attempt at the Congressional baseball game.

We live in country that guarantees  our freedom of speech and individual freedom. That gives us the right to disagree and have different opinions about our government and politicians. It doesn’t give us the right to ruin peoples reputations.One doesn’t have to be a psychologist to understand that human beings have different opinions and tastes. Some people prefer chocolate, others vanilla, and some dislike ice cream entirely.  Let’s stick to the issues, debate the issues, and forget lashon  hara before we see more violence and destruction.

Israel: A Modern Miracle

MAP_Israel-todayPolitico came out with a statement that the US might no longer be a shield for Israel against international pressure here. I got news for  Obama, the Amerian Pravda- Politico, and all the Lefists who are salivating for the demise of Israel. There is only one shield for Israel- G-d. Some people are non- believers.  Some people  believe in One World government (like the Nazi George Soros), but  the country of Israel is populated by people who still believe in miracles.

How can they not be when they have been harangued  by  international hate pundits daily and the country still thrives.  Its southern border was bombarded by thousand s of Hamas rockets and it still thrives. Not to mention, of course, the hundreds of miles of terror tunnels dug  for the sole purpose of murdering  Israelis. The Iron Dome?  That in itself is  a miracle.because it repositioned all those missles and rockets set to destroy Jewish lives even when its operators were afraid it wasn’t working. As a matter of fact  that was proclaimed in headlines here and here and of course all of us know the miraculous  winning of every war the Arabs start with the tiny Jewish state

Unknown to many of our “intellectuals and elites” an Arab is the head of the Israel Election Committee. Not only that, but 74% of a Bedouin tribe voted for Bibi. Even Obama sending a platoon of henchmen to sabatoge the election couldn’t sway Israeli voters. Considering  that Israel is called an apartheid state, smeared and slandered daily, those uncomfortable facts make Netanyahu’s victory  miraculous. It is even more miraculous that  the tiny Jewish state, surrounded by enemies who want it wiped off the face of the earth, is not only surviving but thriving.

Torah tells of the story of the spies who were sent into the Land of Canaan.  The Hebrews were punished to wander in the desert for 40 years for  the sin of not believing that G-d’s miracles would lead them to victory over an overwhelming army. The communist Left has shackled countries and generations to the idea that there is no G-d but government. The pundits and politicians decrying the historical Netanyahu win and spreading fear of  US abandonment are of this ilk. To them the G-d of Israel is only a story that young children and unenlightened boors believe in.

I’m one of those boors who believe this Netanyahu victory is miraculous. We know our State Department spent  more than $300,000 of taxpayer money to sabatoge the election and is now plotting other ways to control its “ally.” We are often told that American will always be steadfast in her alliance to Israel. That’s not really true. What many don’t know was that Eddie Jacobson, a Jew, was Harry Truman’s best friend and business partner.  It was that relationship that sealed the United States vote for Israel independence. Isn’t that a miracle?

The modern country of Israel is only 67 years old and has accomplished more than many which are hundreds of years old. Its medical breakthroughs and technology  are among the most advanced in the world.  Netanyahu’s win wasn’t the only miracle.  The  whole counry is.

Chanukah: Festival of Miracles

Everyone knows the story of Chanukah. The children’s version is that the Greek Syrians, led by Antiochus, wouldn’t allow Jews to pray in their Temple and were ordered to bow down to idols. Then the army destroyed the Holy of Holies, but the Maccabees fought back and after winning the battle, oil was found that lasted eight days and the Everlasting Light was once again lit. It was a double miracle. Light the candles, spin the dreidle, and eat some latkes and sufganiyot.(jelly doughnuts.)

The actual story is a little more complex. Just like today, there were many Jews who adopted the popular culture. At that time Alexander was busy conquering the world and his Hellenic culture spread to every corner of the Mediterranean. Unlike Jews, The Greeks were a polytheistic society who worshipped idols and admired male beauty and homoerotic culture. Many Jew-ish men even went through the painful operation of reattaching their circumcised foreskin so they could pass and be part of the “elite.” Many of these assimilated Jews ignored the precepts of their religion and even fought against their own people. Apparently having power was more important than their own heritage. We are seeing this once again by many Jews in our own country

There are many Jews in NGOS like the Israel Fund, a faux pro-.Israel organization, that is actually working with and for “Palestinians.” As if this wasn’t enough, many of the major Jewish organizations, like ADL and Hillel aren’t aren’t working for the benefit of Jews anymore. Then we have people like George Soros, who claims he was born into a Jewish aChanukah Mash uphttp://http://

family, Lois Lerner the IRS doyenne who not only went after conservative  organizations, but singled out pro- Israel organizations like Z Street that were in disagreement with this administration’s peace plan.  Democrats like Gruber and Wasserman- Schultz are first class liars with no shame. And how about that Martin  A-dyck Indyck who has made it his personal jihad to crush the Netanyahu government. Although this is an abbreviated list, it would not be complete without mentioning all the Jews who continue to vote for Democrats, even after it is obvious the party is working against the best interest of Israel and even went so far as to deny  G-d three times at the Democrat Naional Convention.

The Greeks promised the Hellenist  Jews power and a rung up the social climbing ladder. How is this any different today? The Grubers and Indyks of the world make millions and are welcomed at all the  Progessive workshops and seminars like heroes. The Hellenists  were traitors to their religion and country. Progressive Jews are no better. Maybe this Chanukah  G-d will provide another miracle. Or maybe the Jewish collaborators will finally realize that in the end all the dastardly plans will come to naught..The Hellenistic Jews disappeared, but traditional Jews are still here and praying. As for myself, I pray that the Progressive Jews not only light candles, but that they  actually see the light.