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Israel: A G Rated Country

Makote- the Israeli beachgame
Makote- the Israeli beach game



Many readers have wondered why I haven’t written for a while.  Simple, I reached my saturation point  writing about the unrelenting lies and abuses of our government. Luckily, I visited my daughter in Israel  for a few weeks and was able to recharge.  Ironically, the tiny country  was calm and peaceful, even after Arab terrorists murdered innocents including a young girl sleeping in her bed. The reason? They know who the enemy is, name it, and deal with it. Or, maybe, as my daughter told me when I asked her why she was moving there, it’s a G rated country

The true face of the IDF
The true face of the IDF

Even though modern Israel is only 68 years young, its accomplishments, beauty, and historical sites are world class and enviable; however,my daughter was specifically talking about the people and culture. Everywhere, except Tel Aviv (the New York City of Israel) around 3:00 on Fridays shops close up, mothers and grandmothers finish their shopping and start cooking for the Sabbath. Soldiers go home to their families, and if someone is a “lone soldier” he/she will be invited to someone’s home for the Sabbath. As I joked to my daughter after hearing so many young, masculune men talking to their “imas” or mothers on the phone, the most ferocious army in the world is a bunch of mommas’ boys!

I left Israel in 1980 when my home and business were taken as part of the  Israel-Egypt Peace Accord. I had only gone back once in thirty years, and that was only for a wedding.   The progress I have seen in the country is no less than miraculous. Thirty years ago it took  months to get a landline telephone. Now Israel is branded as one of the top tech sectors in the world. Unlike the incessant negative propaganda, Arab-Israelis  are part of the innovation and even created the world’s smallest computer. here Thirty years ago It was impossible to get a decent piece of red meat. Now, my daughter and I ate  hamburgers that would put my local diner to shame.

My daughter has a Christian Arab friend and out of curiosity asked him how he was treated differently by the government. She was surprised by his answer.  After thinking about it, he answered that he didn’t have to serve in the army or pay taxes. Interestingly, there has been a surge in Arab Israelis to enlist in the IDF. here  That doesn’t sound like apartheid to me. Apartheid is a system of laws that keep the races separate.  In Israel’s case it would mean keeping people of different religious faiths legally separated. Instead, all religions including Bahai and Druze live peacefully. The call to prayer from Muslim mosques can be heard in all parts of the country.

My biggest complaint is the confusing signage on the roads. Speaking of signage, one would think that in a country practicng apartheid, signs would only be written in Hebrew. Wrong; all signs are written in Hebrew, Arabic and English. If a country is  practicing apartheid would the beaches be open to all? My family and I went swimming at the beach in Haifa, right next to Arab families with women  covered from top to bottom in their body covering wetsuits.

All in all my trip was rejuvenating. Hiking and exploring the countryside is a national pastime. The variation in topography from the greenery of the northern hills to the stark Judean desert provides a sensory feast. The  different species of plants and flowers found everywhere is astounding. So I guess my daughter is right.  It’s a G rated country: G-d’s country.


America the Good?

NazisDr Mengele, of concentration camp fame, and Dr. Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood fame share a lot in common. Their personal differences are superficial and have more to do with their sexes, nationalities, and eras. Both could tear apart an unborn baby, graft a body part or tissue to a mouse, and then have a quick bite to wash down with wine. So civilized! The comparison between the two doctors isn’t superflous or meant to be shocking. It is a wakeup call for us as Americans to take a serious look at our country and who’s pulling the strings.

Many people either forget or didn’t know that Hitler borrowed the British and American idea of eugenics which was popular in the early 1900’s, long before the 1930’s. The influential Progressive economist John Maynard Keynes was a prominent supporter of eugenics, serving as Director of the British Eugenics Society, and writing that eugenics is “the most important, significant and, I would add, genuine branch of sociology which exists”. Here in the United States Margaret Sanger popularized the idea of ridding society of the Negro, Jew, and disabled. Ms. Sanger’s words were,”Eugenics is … the most adequate and thorough avenue to the solution of racial, political and social problems.”

Many organizations working against the best interests of the USA get money from George Soros, the Nazi collaborator. I always wondered how this “Jewish“ Nazi managed to freely discuss his collaborator roots on national television { 60 Minutes)when other Nazi workers are arrested and deported when they’re found. The question remains. Why does the anti-Semite Soros, after almost bankrupting the Bank of England, devaluing the Italian lira, and  surviving a French Insider trading conviction, have a seat at the DC table. No, why is he allowed to set the table and plan the menu for our bought and paid for government?

After reading Diana West’s American Betrayal I discovered many answers to my questions about America’s lurch to the left after WWII. One of those answers was the Dulles brothers. It turns out that the lawyer, Allan Dulles, head of the OSS, was aiding and abetting the Thyssen banking family hide their holdings. This was the banking firm which funded Hitler’s rise to power. It is now public record that Prescott Bush, George W’s grandfather, was the manager of a Union Bank Corporation which the Thyssen family owned. The evidence demonstrates that the bank knew they were laundering money for the enemy. When Bush was brought up on charges he pleaded nolo. The next generation, George H Bush declared a new page in history,a One World Order,on September 11,1991. How is a One World Order diferent than Nazism? How is that different than Soros’s Open Society? That’s what the Third Reich was about. Get rid of the “subhumans” and then they’ll control the world in peace. How does all this history relate to the suicidal policies of today?

Iran was called Persia until 1935. The word Aryan comes from that. Germany was Iran’s top foreign trade partner1939 to 1941. Hitler convinced the Shah of their common interests and we are still seeing those common interests being carried out today. We were told by our Russian allies that they found Hitler’s body after he and Eva committed suicide, but FBI files declare differenly. https://vault.fbi.gov/adolf-hitler/adolf-hitler-part-01-of-04/view. According to records a submarine dropped him and his bride to Argentina. We know that many Nazis were delivered to Mideast countries including Syria, Iran’s satellite. How about Husseini, the head of the Nazis in Palestine? Bana in Egypt?
As Americans, we want to believe our country is good. We were founded on Judeo- Christian principles that believe in the sanctity of life. Western civilization is based on that premise. That is what they hate and despise. To us,all life is precious. Whether it’s a baby in the womb, a Jew wearing sidecurls, or a Yazidi, Christian,orZoroastrian. Blacks, Latinos, or Norwegian are the same in G-d’s eyes, but not in a One World Order. G-d was dispensed with in schools in 1963. Now we know why. Without G-d can we still be a good country?

An Exceptional Country


Some people don’t think this Is an exceptional country.  Our president certainly doesn’t think so.   “ I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.” Many people aren’t aware that  one of the dictionary definitions is “being physically or especially mentally disabled.

to an extent that special schooling is required” so how can we not be? As an ESE (exceptional student education) teacher for many years, I contend that  our country now fits this secondary definition because so many decisions, laws, and  opinions  make no rational sense to someone who isn’t mentally challenged.

The trillions of dollars of debt, porous borders, inviting illegal immigrants, and scandals too numerous to even mention because “what difference at this point would it make?” is the tip of the iceberg. How about the latest  depravity? In just one week alone we had not one, but two, supercilious women from Planned Parenthood nonchalantly discussing selling body parts of aborted babies over lunch. Suddenly the phrase “the ladies who lunch” was given a new meaning. To middle America, who some call “crazies,” it was stomach turning. To the MSM It was a blip in the news. Most of the candidates, except for Carly Fiorina, didn’t even mention it. Every rational human being should have a visceral reaction to this cold bloodied and inhumane practice. Otherwise, he or she is surely evil or perhaps just exceptional.

Then we have the shameful tragedy, when five unarmed military men were murdered in cold blood by a jihadi in Chattanooga. Our president, who flew the rainbow flag to celebrate historical insanity, didn’t fly the American flag at half- mast until public criticism and pressure forced him to acknowledge the tragedy  five days  after a ttrip to New York  to see a Broadway show. One might say that is something an exceptional person might do, instead of honoring our unarmed soldiers  who  were targeted by  bloodthirsty barbarians in an exceptional gun free zone. To demonstrate true exceptionality, the Empire State building was  liit  green to show respect for the end of the Muslim holiday, Ramadan, right after the Muslim jihadi perp massacred our soldiers. Of course being the exceptional country we are, the FBI has over 1000 people working on this case to figure out the motive of the latest Mohammed who slaughtered Americans, but against all  commonsense they refuse to call it terrorism.

Last, but not the least, is the suicidal deal with Iran. Obama, Kerry and company went head to head with smirking Persians, whose culture was negotiating deals before Jesus walked on the Galilee. Khamenei is busy planning how many missiles 150 700 billion dollars will buy while his subjects chant, ” Death to America.”. Even though Prime Minister Netanyahu  warned  that no deal is better than a bad deal,  President Barack Hussein Obama and his minions chastised him and proceeded to stab their own country and its people in the back, betrayed their allies in the region, and ensured that murder and mayhem will reign.  I’m sure that has nothing to do with Muslim Brotherhood members  and synpathizers being part of the government’s inner circle. If all that insanity isn’t exceptional what is?    

Israel: A Modern Miracle

MAP_Israel-todayPolitico came out with a statement that the US might no longer be a shield for Israel against international pressure here. I got news for  Obama, the Amerian Pravda- Politico, and all the Lefists who are salivating for the demise of Israel. There is only one shield for Israel- G-d. Some people are non- believers.  Some people  believe in One World government (like the Nazi George Soros), but  the country of Israel is populated by people who still believe in miracles.

How can they not be when they have been harangued  by  international hate pundits daily and the country still thrives.  Its southern border was bombarded by thousand s of Hamas rockets and it still thrives. Not to mention, of course, the hundreds of miles of terror tunnels dug  for the sole purpose of murdering  Israelis. The Iron Dome?  That in itself is  a miracle.because it repositioned all those missles and rockets set to destroy Jewish lives even when its operators were afraid it wasn’t working. As a matter of fact  that was proclaimed in headlines here and here and of course all of us know the miraculous  winning of every war the Arabs start with the tiny Jewish state

Unknown to many of our “intellectuals and elites” an Arab is the head of the Israel Election Committee. Not only that, but 74% of a Bedouin tribe voted for Bibi. Even Obama sending a platoon of henchmen to sabatoge the election couldn’t sway Israeli voters. Considering  that Israel is called an apartheid state, smeared and slandered daily, those uncomfortable facts make Netanyahu’s victory  miraculous. It is even more miraculous that  the tiny Jewish state, surrounded by enemies who want it wiped off the face of the earth, is not only surviving but thriving.

Torah tells of the story of the spies who were sent into the Land of Canaan.  The Hebrews were punished to wander in the desert for 40 years for  the sin of not believing that G-d’s miracles would lead them to victory over an overwhelming army. The communist Left has shackled countries and generations to the idea that there is no G-d but government. The pundits and politicians decrying the historical Netanyahu win and spreading fear of  US abandonment are of this ilk. To them the G-d of Israel is only a story that young children and unenlightened boors believe in.

I’m one of those boors who believe this Netanyahu victory is miraculous. We know our State Department spent  more than $300,000 of taxpayer money to sabatoge the election and is now plotting other ways to control its “ally.” We are often told that American will always be steadfast in her alliance to Israel. That’s not really true. What many don’t know was that Eddie Jacobson, a Jew, was Harry Truman’s best friend and business partner.  It was that relationship that sealed the United States vote for Israel independence. Isn’t that a miracle?

The modern country of Israel is only 67 years old and has accomplished more than many which are hundreds of years old. Its medical breakthroughs and technology  are among the most advanced in the world.  Netanyahu’s win wasn’t the only miracle.  The  whole counry is.