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Israel: A G Rated Country

Makote- the Israeli beachgame
Makote- the Israeli beach game



Many readers have wondered why I haven’t written for a while.  Simple, I reached my saturation point  writing about the unrelenting lies and abuses of our government. Luckily, I visited my daughter in Israel  for a few weeks and was able to recharge.  Ironically, the tiny country  was calm and peaceful, even after Arab terrorists murdered innocents including a young girl sleeping in her bed. The reason? They know who the enemy is, name it, and deal with it. Or, maybe, as my daughter told me when I asked her why she was moving there, it’s a G rated country

The true face of the IDF
The true face of the IDF

Even though modern Israel is only 68 years young, its accomplishments, beauty, and historical sites are world class and enviable; however,my daughter was specifically talking about the people and culture. Everywhere, except Tel Aviv (the New York City of Israel) around 3:00 on Fridays shops close up, mothers and grandmothers finish their shopping and start cooking for the Sabbath. Soldiers go home to their families, and if someone is a “lone soldier” he/she will be invited to someone’s home for the Sabbath. As I joked to my daughter after hearing so many young, masculune men talking to their “imas” or mothers on the phone, the most ferocious army in the world is a bunch of mommas’ boys!

I left Israel in 1980 when my home and business were taken as part of the  Israel-Egypt Peace Accord. I had only gone back once in thirty years, and that was only for a wedding.   The progress I have seen in the country is no less than miraculous. Thirty years ago it took  months to get a landline telephone. Now Israel is branded as one of the top tech sectors in the world. Unlike the incessant negative propaganda, Arab-Israelis  are part of the innovation and even created the world’s smallest computer. here Thirty years ago It was impossible to get a decent piece of red meat. Now, my daughter and I ate  hamburgers that would put my local diner to shame.

My daughter has a Christian Arab friend and out of curiosity asked him how he was treated differently by the government. She was surprised by his answer.  After thinking about it, he answered that he didn’t have to serve in the army or pay taxes. Interestingly, there has been a surge in Arab Israelis to enlist in the IDF. here  That doesn’t sound like apartheid to me. Apartheid is a system of laws that keep the races separate.  In Israel’s case it would mean keeping people of different religious faiths legally separated. Instead, all religions including Bahai and Druze live peacefully. The call to prayer from Muslim mosques can be heard in all parts of the country.

My biggest complaint is the confusing signage on the roads. Speaking of signage, one would think that in a country practicng apartheid, signs would only be written in Hebrew. Wrong; all signs are written in Hebrew, Arabic and English. If a country is  practicing apartheid would the beaches be open to all? My family and I went swimming at the beach in Haifa, right next to Arab families with women  covered from top to bottom in their body covering wetsuits.

All in all my trip was rejuvenating. Hiking and exploring the countryside is a national pastime. The variation in topography from the greenery of the northern hills to the stark Judean desert provides a sensory feast. The  different species of plants and flowers found everywhere is astounding. So I guess my daughter is right.  It’s a G rated country: G-d’s country.


The EU Jew Hatred

After reading Tuvia Tenenbom’s book, To Catch A Jew,  I have come to the conclusion that since Hitler didn’t finish the job of ridding the world of Jews , the EU and the Obama administration will do him a favor and finish it for him. I was interested in the book because  my daughter decided to return to Israel, her birthplace, and mentioned how different the country is from when we left over 30 years ago. The author of that book, like myself, had left the country around the same time. Unlike myself, he came from a religious background and was escaping it. I was kicked out of the home and business my husband and I built in Yamit,  the first victims of the land for peace deal,a deal that Mr. Trump would call ”stupid.” I would agree.

Although my novel Love and Betrayal  here takes place there, none of my research uncovered the real reason Israel was pressured to give up the Sinai, which included oil fields and the city of Yamit. Mr. Tenenbom made it clear: pure hatred of Jews, which also means destroying the Jewish country. The EU, which is based in the “neutral” country of   Switzerland, spends billions for the PLO and propaganda against Israel, or as some like to say, those lousy Jews. According to Mr. Tenenbom’s undercover operation as a German, he discovered the Palestinians love  of  Germans. No wonder! Touring the area, where most Jews never go and are not allowed, he saw many signs announcing financial gifts from that country.  Many of the NGOs are actually supported by the governments of European countries, especially Germany. Jew hatred is the mother’s milk that Arab children are fed daily from infancy. Truth has no place when there’s a nefarious agenda. The only thing they don’t like about Nazis is that they didn’t murder enough Jews.

Part of the propaganda fed to western journalists is the horrible poverty  of the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria.  The funny thing is that all the many mansions in that area are owned by “Palestinians.” It sure looks like a lot of the EU and German money goes for personal expenses of PLO bigshots and employees. No surprises; Yasser Arafat’s widow Suhi is sitting pretty in Paris with about a billion dollars.  A billion dollars would go pretty far to help those poor “Palis.” Just last week we learned that a group of American families sued and won a case against the PLO for terrorism for the first time according to American law. Like a bad movie, our president intervened to lower the payout to the families because of the “financial straits” the PLO is in. Funny, Mahmoud Abbas is building a palace for himself, but I guess our government and all the Muslim Brotherhood officials embedded in it, don’t really care as long as the hate and murder is  directed at Jews.

The most interesting chats and interviews in the above book were with the lefty Jews who had no idea that they supported the people who unabashedly and unashamedly announce their hatred of them. To make their feelings even clearer  to the dumb Jews, the faux Palestinians murder, kidnap, and shoot IEDs into Israel  to make it clear they aren’t  playing.  The self- loathing Jews, who have NEVER visited Judea and Samaria, continue their ridiculous daydreams of peace and love while getting paid by the same no good NGOs to trash and smear their own people and country.  Think JStreet in Hebrew. It turns out the most famous reporters at Haaretz, the biggest left newspaper in Israel, have never gone to Judea and Samaria, and don’t speak Arabic!

Why is this important for Americans? Our Jewish community, which until recently has felt  an integral part of American life has begun to see a world that is once again  creating a  toxic atmosphere for Jews. We see a government that ignores Christians being slaughtered all over the world and instead, focuses on a country that is about nine miles across and about the size of New Jersey.  Jordan was  given to Palestinians and Israel to Jews, but apparently the UN and its sub organization UNRWA, support and cheer three generations of “refugees” while Yazidis and Christians are literally dying for a safe place to live. The Iran deal is nothing but a promise to wipe Israel off the map.  When that’s done they’ll get rid of the Jews, Christians, and other troublemakers here and the world will be one big Muslim family.  I‘m waiting to hear the presidential candidate who announces that he (or she) will get rid of any Muslim connected to the Brotherhood or its affiliates that are embedded in our government.   Until that is done, our country will have unending troubles with terror and the Jews who were on the side of our enemies will eventually find their heads on stakes while all their “allies” dance in the street.

American Jewish Blinders

The Three Jewish Quislings

f _the_ JewsimagesI’m sure you’ve heard of  The Three Tenors, The Three Stooges, and the Three Little Pigs.  How about the The Three Jewish Quislings? No? You might not realize it, because they normally go by the names of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Elena Kagan, and Stephen Breyer.  These are the three Jews that decided that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel- even when they weren’t asked.

The anti- Jewish Supreme Court decision was decided along a 6-3 line. The three Jewish justices fell right in line with the anti- Semitic Arabist State Department and our imperious Jew-hating president. Chief Judge John Roberts wrote, “Today’s decision is a first. Never before has this Court accepted a President’s direct defiance of an Act of Congress in the field of foreign affairs.” Our  elite and untouchable court Jews defied logic, stood against our Congress, and the sovereign country of Israel.

For the second time this case was brought in front of the Supreme Court because the Zinotovsky parents wanted their son, Menachem’s passport to list Jerusalem, Israel as his place of birth and not just Jerusalem. The rationale was that the American Congress had passed a law in 2002 directing the State Department to do so for anyone born in Jerusalem who requested it. The State Department refused. The arguments used by Mr Varelli, who represented the government, were specious but the Three Jewish Quislings accepted the State department rationale with not a moment of that famous Jewish guilt.

Jerusalem, eternal capital of Israel, is up for grabs according to those in power and they’ve chosen sides. The ignorant wise Latina Senorita Sotomayor added,“How could you tell me it’s not a lie? You, the United States, are being asked to put on the passport that you believe the place of birth of this individual is Israel, and … the executive has said, no, we don’t think it was Israel, we think it was Jerusalem.”

Any Jew who is still sleepwalking through the dire political mines that are set up everywhere  better wake up…and fast. Last week ZStreet got good news about its lawsuit against the IRS. The bad news is that the IRS admitted, “these cases are being sent to a special unit in the D.C. office to determine whether the organization’s activities contradict the Administration’s public policies.” This demonstrated that a pro-Israel organization was definitely targeted. Lori Lowenthal Marcus deserves our respect for fiercely defending the right for her organization (and other pro  Israel organizations)

The good, the bad and the ugly

How about the publicity leaks from the new Michael Oren book Ally? If there were still any doubt that this administration has been inordinately hostile to Israel, this accounting of Mr. Oren’s time as Israel’s ambassador chronicles all the left wing Jews and their deleterious presence in the Obama administration.

Last, but certainly not least, is the negative press and constant smearing of  Pamela Geller, who stands courageously steadfast against the Shariah and the jihadist who swear to destroy America, Israel, and her! Instead of every Federation and Jewish organization, like AIPAC, standing with a Jewish heroine they stand with our enemies just like the commies of Jewish heritage stood with Stalin and the enemies of G-d and freedom. Someday Ms. Geller will be honored in the pantheon of  Jewish women, like Deborah and Esther, but now the cowards, traitors, and haters  clamor for BDS, Geller’s head, and the destruction of Israel.

Our history is filled with heroes as well as traitors. Even when members of our own tribe  work against us, Jews  are commanded not to hate.  Disgusting attacks and lies come from the enemies of  Israell daily.  Rashi states that the enemies of Jews are actually the enemies of G-d. Observing the Lefties, who choose to call themselves Jews, I have to agree.  As I  watch our three Jewish justices  go down in history as the three justices who sold their souls, and the soul of America, for a mess of pottage  I  refuse  to hate them. Instead, I’ll cry for them and our country, and pray that G-d has mercy on us all.

Israel: A Modern Miracle

MAP_Israel-todayPolitico came out with a statement that the US might no longer be a shield for Israel against international pressure here. I got news for  Obama, the Amerian Pravda- Politico, and all the Lefists who are salivating for the demise of Israel. There is only one shield for Israel- G-d. Some people are non- believers.  Some people  believe in One World government (like the Nazi George Soros), but  the country of Israel is populated by people who still believe in miracles.

How can they not be when they have been harangued  by  international hate pundits daily and the country still thrives.  Its southern border was bombarded by thousand s of Hamas rockets and it still thrives. Not to mention, of course, the hundreds of miles of terror tunnels dug  for the sole purpose of murdering  Israelis. The Iron Dome?  That in itself is  a miracle.because it repositioned all those missles and rockets set to destroy Jewish lives even when its operators were afraid it wasn’t working. As a matter of fact  that was proclaimed in headlines here and here and of course all of us know the miraculous  winning of every war the Arabs start with the tiny Jewish state

Unknown to many of our “intellectuals and elites” an Arab is the head of the Israel Election Committee. Not only that, but 74% of a Bedouin tribe voted for Bibi. Even Obama sending a platoon of henchmen to sabatoge the election couldn’t sway Israeli voters. Considering  that Israel is called an apartheid state, smeared and slandered daily, those uncomfortable facts make Netanyahu’s victory  miraculous. It is even more miraculous that  the tiny Jewish state, surrounded by enemies who want it wiped off the face of the earth, is not only surviving but thriving.

Torah tells of the story of the spies who were sent into the Land of Canaan.  The Hebrews were punished to wander in the desert for 40 years for  the sin of not believing that G-d’s miracles would lead them to victory over an overwhelming army. The communist Left has shackled countries and generations to the idea that there is no G-d but government. The pundits and politicians decrying the historical Netanyahu win and spreading fear of  US abandonment are of this ilk. To them the G-d of Israel is only a story that young children and unenlightened boors believe in.

I’m one of those boors who believe this Netanyahu victory is miraculous. We know our State Department spent  more than $300,000 of taxpayer money to sabatoge the election and is now plotting other ways to control its “ally.” We are often told that American will always be steadfast in her alliance to Israel. That’s not really true. What many don’t know was that Eddie Jacobson, a Jew, was Harry Truman’s best friend and business partner.  It was that relationship that sealed the United States vote for Israel independence. Isn’t that a miracle?

The modern country of Israel is only 67 years old and has accomplished more than many which are hundreds of years old. Its medical breakthroughs and technology  are among the most advanced in the world.  Netanyahu’s win wasn’t the only miracle.  The  whole counry is.