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Jews in Leftist Clothing

IMG_0432 Caroline Glick wrote a great piece about the lack of Jewish identity which is posted on her web site and also in the Jerusalem Post.

As a former Sunday School and Hebrew teacher I would like to add my own unsolicited but heartfelt opinion.

Many American Jews are Reform, which is not authentic Judaism, but a perversion to make the religion more digestible for non-Jews. It is one of the main reasons why we are losing, and have lost, many Jews to assimilation and atheism. As part of its history, the first Hebrew Union graduating class of rabbis were feted with a non-kosher meal which included crab and frog legs. For two generation Reform Jews have been taught that the Torah is not Divine but written by men. Why would any Jewish child take their religion seriously? Christians are taught Jesus is the son of G-d. Muslims are taught the Koran is divine. Jews are taught to read enough Hebrew for their bar/bat mitzvah.

Tikkun Olam is a tenet of Judaism. It literally means means repairing the world. To the Leftist mind this translates that a Jew must support every social program under the sun.The new Jew believes in social programs instead of G-d and fixing his/her own soul.
For more than ten years I taught in Atlanta area Sunday schools. I have used many curricula and textbooks. None gave the students a spiritual and historical basis for having pride in their heritage. Not one gave them the essence of the religion. It is our obligation as Jews to live a righteous life and to hold fast to Torah. In antiquity the Jews were captured and taken to Babylonia in chains. Psalm 137 reminds us how important Jerusalem was to our ancestors.137:5 “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.” Our siddurs (prayer books) mention Jerusalem more than 600 times and never once in the Koran.

After life? daily prayer? Jewish children are taught that the former is ” not something Jews believe in” The latter is only necessary under dire circumstances.
Jews are a “stiff necked” people. We have been ranting and running from our covenant since bibical times. It’s time that Jews take the prayer, scrolled tightly in the mezuzah, seriously or for the next Pew survey there won’t be enough Jews to even poll.