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If Not Now

“The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored because it cannot survive their being repeated.”

Many non-Jews and sadly, even Jews, believe that the Chanukah miracle is all about oil that lasted eight days. This is the children’s version. Actually, the miracle is more magnificent and decidedly more difficult. It’s about a small group of Jews who stood for their covenant with God against the strongest army in the world. Of course, they also had to fight against their fellow Jews who stood with the enemy. Sound familiar?

We are reaching, or have reached, a point of no return because of the wholesale corruption of our government and society. We have a government that has covered up the massacre at Benghazi which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, Greg Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith. Before that, we listened to the same chorus lie about the murders of border agent Brian Terry and between 200-300 Mexican citizens on our southern borders. We have a government that pressures Israel to measure their defensive blows, but makes excuses for the destructive wickedness and cold blooded murders of babies and children of their new BFF the Muslim Brotherhood.

If we continue on this path of moral ambiguity we are on a path that we have already tried and it is a very ugly one. Since people aren’t taught history anymore they probably don’t know that many Nazis escaped to the Middle East. Even those that do know something of WWII forget that Rommel was stationed in North Africa. After the surrender, Odessa, an underground network, helped many of the Nazi officers escape to Egypt and Syria to name only two.

“Jeffrey Herf, a professor of history at the University of Maryland, has written an eye-opening book about the effectiveness of Nazi ideas in the Middle East during the Second World War called, “Nazi Propaganda For The Arab World.” In it, he describes the Nazi campaign for the minds and hearts of the Arab world in great detail—particularly the Axis radio programs that ran in Arabic around the clock from late 1939 until March of 1945.

These broadcasts spewed venomous anti-Semitism and pushed every demagogic button imaginable. They were also highly effective. In fact, long after the last vestige of Nazi rhetoric faded from consciousness in Europe, the poisonous seeds planted back then are still bearing deadly fruit.” HT http://playwrighter.blogspot.com/2011/05/hitler-and-arabs-nazis-in-middle-east.html

Americans have to remember that the Nazis not only killed Jews, but anyone who stood for their own religion or beliefs of conscience. And, just because we’re such a forgetful and under educated society lets remember that Nazi is the acronym for National SOCIALISTS. The plan was a one world government without Jews. The war never ended.