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Remember When Gay Meant Happy?

BDxAWWnCIAAjcVa Some of you may be too young to remember that gay used to mean happy.

An example of this is the following sentence: At the party we were all gay and festive. Now, without context, we assume everyone was homosexual and in a happy frame of mind.

Somwehere, probably about the time the DSM IV (the APA Bible) was being written, the happy term was affixed to homosexuals and lost to joyous feelings.

One of the arguments used against DOMA and Californians voting against gay marriage is that it’s a civil right. They were born that way. It’s genetic. OK, here’s my question. Why wasn’t that gene trumpeted when it was found? There weren’t headlines because it wasn’t found.

Awhile ago I had a homosexual hairdresser who lived with his boyfriend. He became good friends with my husband and I, so I felt comfortable enough to ask him about the mysterious gene. He said it’s not true and it’s used for political reasons. He said that most gays were molested by a homosexual men when they were young, although about 10% were “born that way.”

I thought back to when I was a young and worked in a bar at the Jersey shore. We’d go to a gay hotel restaurant after work and I still remember the sexual tension and head turning when I walked in. Not everyone, but enough that I was aware that all the boys weren’t homosexual.

I also have worked with young women who were abused by men and in response take up a same sex lifestyle. The day I realized my tolerance only went so far was when I was told that the daughter of my dear friend was impregnated by the use of a turkey baster. It was said so casually I was shocked.

There’s a reason that every civilization that embraced the normalcy of homosexuality declined and then died. There’s a reason that the rabbis railed against the Hellenization of the Jews and that Sodom was destroyed. Has anyone seen the pornography in Pompeii? A marriage between a man and a woman raising a family together is the glue that keeps civilization together.