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My Father Is Best

Years ago, when I was a young girl and thought my life would always be the paradise that I was growing up in, there was show called “Father Knows Best.” My Dad didn’t quite fit the image of the WASPY Robert Young in his corporate suits. Instead, my father came home with colorful fingers because he was a printing ink chemist, and unapologetically wore clothes from the WWII era. After dinner he’d take off for the handball court and on the evenings he wasn’t out playing ball with the boys he would have all four of us kids playing running bases or he’d pitch so we could practice our batting and fielding.

My Dad is still here after celebrating 65 years of marriage and raising four kids. After coming home from scaling the mountains of Normandy, fighting the Nazi enemies, and liberating Dachau, he was thankful for the little bit of comfort and peace he found in his family. He was a handball champion and all around fine athlete, pioneer in the printing ink business, president of his synagogue and later his condo association. With all his accomplishments, he was( and still is) honest in all his business dealings and humble in demeanor.

He is the kind of person we expect to see in our government and too often don’t. Instead, we get liars, thieves,and opportunists in this Obamanation and their malevolent schemes perpetuated against the American people. The Judeo- Christian principles of the Ten Commandments or, in Hebrew, Eser Dibrot tell us to Honor Your Mother and Father. For me it’s been easy because my father has been an excellent role model. I wonder what happens to a country when the people find out their government is made up of traitorous con men; when role models like my Dad are gone?