Wagging Evil Tongues

According to the Talmud we aren’t supposed to say anything negative.  There’s even an expression to describe this “lashon harah” -an evil tongue  Why?

I’ll try and explain. There is a Jewish fable about a shtetl “yenta” who had the reputation of gossiping about everyone in town.  Finally, when no one would speak to her any more she went to the village rabbi to complain about her lonely fate.  She complained that she didn’t understand why what she did was so bad.  No one was hurt.  Maybe she exaggerated, but she meant well.

The rabbi told her to bring her feather pillow with her the next day.  The yenta thought that was strange, but she did what the rabbi said and together they walked to a precipice overlooking the town. Okay, the rabbi said. Now rip open the pillow.


The yenta thought that was strange, but did what the rabbi said.  Together they watched the feathers dancing in the breeze, landing wherever they were blown.

She still didn’t understand this strange exercise, but when the rabbi told her to pick up all the feathers she replied curtly how impossible that would be.

The rabbi then explained how words are like those feathers. Once they leave our lips they are impossible to take back.

Apparently  the  media, certain celebs, and now even elected representatives are voicing racism smears. But something struck me yesterday.   Trayvon’s parents spoke on Capital Hill with the chappeaux wearing Fredricka Wilson as their liason.  Whatever is said at that hearing is part of the Congressional Record. It can’t be taken back.

Shelton ” Spike” Lee cannot take back that tweet that ruined the lives of that senior couple in Sandford, Fl who had nothing to do and no relation to the victim of a media lynching, George Zimmerman.


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