The Hysteria Over Trayvon Martin

Does anyone remember the Richard Jewell case?
[slider] He was the innocent man accused, tried, and found guilty of planting a bomb, mutilating 111 people and killing two black children at the 1996 Olympics. Oh, that’s right. Once the facts were known he wasn’t even arrested.  Although he unfortunately endured years of harrassment and defamation.  Here are his own words, “I am not the Olympic Park bomber,” Jewell told reporters after being  cleared of all charges . “I am a man who has lived 88 days afraid of being arrested for a  crime I did not commit.”

How about the all white Duke lacrosse team? The whole team was decreed guilty pronounced guilty of gang raping a young black stripper.  If you remember, it turned out that she was an off- balanced prosititute with a shady past who made up the  lurid story. So again, not guilty. but not before  the innocent team members names were dragged throught the mud each and everyday. This doesn’t take into account their loved ones being harassed and humiliated by the  nonstop public trial waged by the media.

These tried- in -the- press cases don’t take into account the race baiters and race whores like The  Reverand Al Sharpton, who  honed his trade  under the inimitable promotor Don King.  The good Reverand Al jump -started his career as the advisor in the fraudulant Tawana Brawley case. Since the media consciously portray him as someone with stirling credentials  it’s  important to recall Tawana Brawley. This infamous case involved a 15 year old girl  who claimed six men, including policemen and the district attorney, raped and tortured her.  It turned out the grand jury believed it was bogus. How about  Jesse Jackson? He became a leader in the race business by perfecting the use of boycotts and strong arming to get what he wanted from Big Business.+



Now we have another media feeding frenzy prosecuting George Zimmerman. This shouldn’t be surprising because a clear pattern has been detected of an overzealous media in cahoots with the powers that be that has targeted and then castrated the white male.

Unfortunately, it looks like once again the plan went awry the Blaze printed an interview with a witness who swore that Zimmerman was a victim of Martin’s aggresion. Here is the link:

We are being manipulated. The question is, ” Why?”



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