Concealment and Collusion

Two thumbs up for Diana West’s information packed book American Betrayal. It’s answered many questions that I’ve had starting with my former father-in law’s history. I was puzzled because, as a Jew, he was imprisoned from 1941-1946 in Siberia. If he had been in a German concentration camp- no questions. We know the stories and have seen the movies, but I never understood why he was sent to the Gulag. You see, when he declared he wasn’t a Nazi but a Jew, the arresting officer declared, ” That’s worse” and off to some hell hole he went.

Ms. West’s tome uncovers so much collusion and concealment of the Soviet atrocities of WWII by our government that it was breathtaking. Her list of footnotes is impressive and gives authority to the information she lays bare. For instance, that our greatest customer in the Lend-Lease program was Russia while Stalin was starving and killing millions. Unfortunately, we see a few of these deceitful strategies being replayed today with our so called friends . You know, the ones that murdered more than 3,000 innocents on 9/11.The ones who first bombed the World Trade Center underground garage in 1993.Let’s not forget the Cole attack and the Christians killed everyday. And on and on and on.

Our government and willing media are using the same playbook that worked to cover up the brutality and infiltration of Communists into key government positions with the Muslim Brotherhood today. And what do you know? It looks like the same old enemy can still be blamed for every paper cut in the world. Is it the Islamic fascists and their minions? No, once again it’s the Jews. Remember, both the Islamo-fascists and the Communists hate Jews. Since we’re all so modern and “they stole Arab land” is the big lie, we can now point to a whole country to destroy-Israel. Ms. West mentioned George Orwell in passing and something struck me. Transpose the numbers 1984 to the year 1948. It’s the year Israel became a sovereign modern country. The enemy of the dystopic world was no other than Emmanuel Goldstein and we know that isn’t a name usually found in the ‘hood.

We have entered a time where the government propaganda machine is working overtime to keep the truth from the citizens of this country. We the people now know that it was the Russians who massacred the Polish officers in the Katyin Forest and that Stalin murdered millions more. We know that the Rosenbergs were traitors, and that the “greatest president” FDR surrounded himself with Communists, like his most trusted advisor Harry Hopkins. who lived in the White House We also know that our white-black dictator president surrounds himself with Communists and Muslims. One even lives in the White House. The question is what do we do?

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I have been around the block more than a few times and I see the streets getting dirtier and dirtier. I left the country in 1973 and moved to Israel. There, I became a founding settler of Yamit, and became a victim of the first catastrophic mistake of swapping land for "peace. I have a masters degree in psychology and am an autism professional. My book Love and Betrayl can be found on Amazon and at iuniverse.

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