Huma Ain’t From Yuma

Huma Abedin, Anthony’s Weiner’s wife, is Hilary Clinton, the Secretary of State’s Deputy Chief of Staff. Another way to state this is: Huma Abedin Weiner, wife of THAT Anthony Weiner, is the main assistant Secretary of State. Plus, she never leaves Hilary’s side. Thanks to www.joshuapundit for the reminder of that cozy twosome or is it a menage a trois?
Now, I couldn’t care less if Hilary had a girlfriend- it’s not my business, but having the daughter and sister of big Muslim Brotherhood machas ( Yiddish for bigshots) influencing your decisions is quite another matter.
To anyone who has been paying attention, it is well documented that Huma has intimate ties to Muslim Brotherhood topdogs through her mother and brother. We also know that the The Muslim Brotherhood has sworn to restore the Caliphate, which is also part of their mission statement. Destroying the USA is also part of the plan. It’s also not new and not a secret.
The USA has had a history with the Arabs, going back to Thomas Jefferson who believed that if we paid their jizya we’d be stuck forever by becoming a dhimmi nation. He believed that Americans should stand for their freedom and independence. So, instead of paying them, he convinced Congress to fight them and so the Marines were formed. He knew that our Arab enemies believed then, as they believe today, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.”
Our recent foreign policy has me wondering if we have finally reached that shameful dhimmi status that would have Thomas Jefferson rolling over in his grave. The Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates have taken power in Egypt,Tunisia,and Libya. Our government has covertly aided our sworn enemies political rise while telling us that it’ s fine and dandy. So this has had me wondering. I’m sure Huma is a very nice lady but I don’t think she has American interests at heart. What we need to worry about is what the Arabist State Department is NOT telling us and just what is Huma whispering in Hilary’s ear?

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