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Anti-Semitism: An Ill Wind

antisemitic AmericaThe ill wind of anti-Semitism is blowing across the USA. The Presbyterian Church USA has come to an historical decision to divest from three American multinational companies that do business in Israel. The mistaken and lethal rationalization is that  this will contribute to peace between Palestinians and Israelis. To give the organization some credit the resolution passed in a close 310-303 vote. Although, according to Roberta Seid, Education Director of Stand With Us, as part of the resolution the church record states it is not part of the international BDS movement; however, a contingent of the church has been groomed and manipulated by BDS players .

Of course Israel was labeled an “apartheid nation” by the anti-Semites. Before this crucial vote,  propaganda  a student guide by the Israel Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church was issued to “educate” its members. More about the intentional bias and hatred of the Jewish state here.  Let us not forget that Christian churches were purged by the Nazis and true Christians.like Eric Bonhoffe, were thrown into prison and tortured. In order to win abhorrent political stances, churches and religious entities are forced or groomed to go along with the political stance of the powerful. In this case it looks like those who believe in a world wide Caliphate are the masters while the Jew haters like David Duke applaud until it’s their necks decorating  spikes outside their churches. Nothing new; Its the same anti Semitic evil wind that has blown throughout history.

The Presbyterian Church USA isn’t the only entity announcing its anti- Semitism. Although the IRS scandal has been given press by Fox and kept alive on the internet the ZStreet lawsuit  has gone virtually unnoticed .  If it’s mentioned, it’s thrown  in with  groups accusing the IRS of “conservative harrassment.” It happens to be much more than that. Z STREET founder Lori Lowanthal Marcus is interviewed by Jerry Gordon here

She states that unlike other  claims this one is a First Amendment issue “The IRS agent, her name is Diane Gentry, told our lawyer that the ‘IRS has to give special scrutiny to organizations connected to Israel’ And then the agent told our lawyer, some of those organizations ‘have to be sent to a special unit in Washington D.C. to determine  whether the activities of the organization contradict the public policies of this administration.’ She contines to explain why this a First Amendment issue. “What Z STREET wants the court to determine is whether or not our organization was subject to an unconstitutional process. Was our application treated differently because of who we are and what we think, rather than what we did or what we wanted to do.”

What exacty is that policy? Our country recognizes the Palestinian  Authority unity government with the terror group Hamas. This is directly against the best interests of Israel and is against American law.  Thousands of USA trained PA policeman will be working with Hamas, as well as the terrorists who continue to be paid with taxpayer money. But should we be surprised when Muslim Brotherhood members are placed in sensitive government positions, Muslim  student organizations silence other voices on campuses all over America, and CAIR, unindicted co-conspiarator in the Holyland trial,i s given respect and media time? Our president does not even mention the kidnapping  and murder of the three young men Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali even though one is an American! Abe Foxman, head of the ADL, went after Gary Oldman for some inappropriate remarks.  He gets paid a generous salary to combat anri- Semitism and he ends of fighting windmills while the ill wind of anti-Semitism is growing stronger everyday. drybones