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Hugo Chavez and Women’s Mortality

img-map-female-mortality-small Although the media is in eulogy mode for Hugo Chavez, the man who singlehandedly destroyed Venezuela, I choose not to glorify the tyrant who transformed destroyed his country. Here in South Florida we have two entire towns that are filled with refugees and ex-patriots who fled the despotic rule of the man who took over banks, media companies, and anything that got in the way of his faux compassion for “los pobres” and his billions in money hijacked from its citizens.

Let’s face it. We live in a world in which we wade through lie after lie day after day and we all feel like Alice in Wonderland because nothing makes sense anymore. Yesterday I heard a news byte that for the first time women’s mortality rates have worsened by about 40%. Researching this I discovered that this study was done by a PHD candidate at the University of Michigan-Madison under a Dr. Kindig who was appointed to lead a Medical Institute roundtable. The Medical Institute has connections with Harvard and the study was paid for by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, which supports leftist organizations and advocates taxpayer funded government healthcare.


This “shocking” study discovered negative results only occurs in Southern and Western rural counties. “The experts” are baffled over how this could happen and can not come up with any reason except smoking and obesity. By the way, those are two area that the Johnson Foundation contributes a lot of funding. HT Discover the Networks

I have an idea. Let’s look into other factors like marriage and motherhood.
I grew up on the cusp of the feminist generation. When I was in high school
girls would work until they got married. If they worked after they had kids, it would be teaching or nursing so that they could manage schedules to be with the children.
I would like to know how many of these women were married, if they worked, and how many children they had. I’d like to know all the stress they had in their lives. Feminists sold the country a lie. They said women can do everything. They can. But they can’t do it all at once and without a husband it’s almost impossible.

Women juggle so many things and single mothers juggle even more. If juggling were so easy we’d all be able to do it, perform in the circus, and live a long healthy life. But maybe if all those rural white women moved to the city they would have lived longer and our government could have saved them- just like Fidel saved Chavez.