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Purim, 5776

March 24, 2016, was the Jewish holiday of Purim. According to the Jewish calendar, it is the month of Adar in the year 5776.  You read that correctly. So, as Menachem Begin  stated to our own Speaker of the House:

“We were granted our right to exist by the God of our fathers, at the glimmer of the dawn of human civilization, nearly four thousand years ago.” . He also added, when speaking to a British Lord, upset about  Jewish ” settlements” that  Jerusalem was a Jewish capital many years before London was even a city .( paraphrased).

In 445 BC Jews were part of the multi- cultural country of Persia under the king  Artaxerxes  and  believed they were subjects just like everyone else – until they weren’t.  The truth evolved after Mordecai refused to bow down to the evil vizier Haman, who then decided to convince the King to murder all the Jews. Funny, but somehow (even almost 4,000  years later) Truth always struggles to appear; buried and hidden like the finest diamond before a kimberlite eruption delivers it to the surface. Instead of Haman getting his wish, Queen Esther delivered the shocking news to her husband, the king, that she was a Jewess, and so  the annihilation of the Jews was  halted and Haman was strung up on the gallows. Jews celebrate his demise to this day.

As I watch this election cycle and observe the Republican cockroaches scrambling away from the light shone on their perfidy, I think how human nature has not changed in almost 4,000 years. No matter who wins this election our political landscape will be changed. Apparently, the threat posed to the entrenched political establishment is dire. Payoffs, graft, and bribery would make headlines . Blackmail and other illegal activities may be part of the mix, but mostly they’re afraid they’re going to lose power and the finances that accompany their overt and covert positions.

The Republican establishment has had its mask ripped off. The DC whores politicians, K Street masters, and pundit tools can no longer  pretend that they care about  our country and its citizens. The Bush war chest with over 100 million dollars couldn’t convince the American people that he should be their nomination. Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, and Lindsey Graham went down hard. All the money in the world couldn’t save them. By the establishment fighting  “the  outsiders” the people’s eyes were opened and the lies, propaganda, and political correctness that have been shoved down our throats was seen as the currency that was traded to be in the elite club. Not surprisingly the middle class was locked out. Not only don’t we have the money, but we live in the hellish reality that our political class has created.

In Jewish history we learn that all it takes is one person, one deed to turn evil around. Americans have been suffering under a blanket of lies masquerading as truth.  The Republican  “outsiders,” like Mordecai almost 2000 years ago, are the catalyst for the Truth to work its way to the surface. Now we know. Our leaders have betrayed us. Pundits are owned lock stock and barrel by corporations with political ties. One World Order comes first. Americans last. It’s Purim, 5776. The masks are off and we see who they really are.


The New Queen Esther

Pamela Geller Yesterday was the Fast of Esther, a fast that leads up to the joyous holiday of Purim.The story goes like this. With the help of her cousin Mordeccai and the pleas for G-d’s intervention the beautiful Queen Esther saved her people from Haman’s dastardly plot to kill all the Jews of Persia. Today that country is called Iran and it still wants to destroy all the Jews of Israel. When that job is complete – all Americans.
A few years ago I said to my husband that we need a contemporary Queen Esther. Now we have one. Kol Ha Kavod (all my respect) to the Creative Zionist Coalition for honoring Pamela Geller for the courage, intelligence, and sheer chutzpah she has demonstrated warning the American people about our most insidious enemy.
I don’t remember what year I started reading her blog Atlas Shrugs but it was still when she had her Supergirl-like logo, which I loved. Reading her blog answered the many questions I had about the spread of Islam throughout Europe as well as to the sovereign shores of the USA. Through her informative posts I was introduced to Bat Yeor’s essential tome Eurabia and the plan for a new Caliphate.

Ms. Geller didn’t stop with a blog, even after lawsuit after lawsuit. She didn’t stop even after murderous threats and emails. Instead she found her Mordeccai, David Yerushalami, and together they fight the Arab-Islamic forces that practice jihad by force or taquiya to destroy our country and make us second class citizens. She, with co-founder Robert Spenser created the organizations Stop the Islamization of America and the Freedom Defense League which have caused a lot of belligerency,kvetching, and lying from the ” Religion of Peace.”

She has stood shoulder to shoulder with the men of the EDL that are now in a British jail for standing up for their country. She has stood resolutely with Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, and almost single handedly brought down the Muslim crook Imam Rauf and his group of thugs and their plan to build the victory mosque on the blood of the Twin Towers.

On Purim Jews are supposed to get so wasted they can’t tell the difference between Mordaccai the hero and Haman the villain. It looks like our Office of Propaganda ( formerly known as the media) have been drinking more than the Koolaid because they can’t tell the difference between the good Ms. Geller and the nefarious forces of CAIR and its minions.

Mazel tov to the beautiful and courageous Ms. Geller our new Queen Esther.