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One Pill Makes You…

psychotropic drugs I listened to Obama’s sickening speech while using children as props, just like Stalin, Hitler, and Castro et. al. in a gun grab against our 2nd amendment rights. The blogs and radio talk show hosts are apopletic and rightly so but in this war of words we’ll never win if we stay on the defensive. Breitbart knew that. Pamela Geller knows that.

The argument should be about psychotropic drugs. Everyone of those murderers was on them. A correlated relationship has been made between violence and anti-depressants in more than one study. Anti-depressant facts.

As a teacher and counselor who worked in public schools, residential treatment, and foster care I am too familiar with the negative and often dangerous side effects of these medications and the arrogance of some psychiatrists. I remember one time we had three children under the age of 13, Baker Acted and their well respected psychiatrist connected with Miami Children’s Hospital refused to see what was glaringly in front of his face. They were all on Lexapro, which like all anti-depressants, isn’t recommended for children. Many foster children are automatically put on meds because they’re “angry or depressed.” I don’t know about you, but in my universe it’s normal to be angry or depressed if a child is taken away from his/her parents. and made to live with strangers. Instead, family court judges decree that the child take any medication that the psychiatrist prescribes.

Many people blame the drug companies which are one of the biggest lobbies in DC, but if doctors didn’t prescribe them as cavalierly they couldn’t make as much money. We should be screaming for more oversight on the psychiatric community that for some mysterious reason gets a pass. This is a profession that updates and deletes mental health diagnoses every few years according to the APA which writes its bible the DSM. Isn’t it interesting that psychiatrists are always used for “reeducation” in the gulag and was implemented as a tool of the Frankfort group designed to change the values of our society. By the way. enlarging mental health services is part of the imperial gun grab.
We’re going to find a lot more people are mentally unstable.