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Land of the Free?

Anne Smedinghoff
Anne Smedinghoff

This Memorial Day as we remember our Fallen we have to ask ourselves whether their lives were given for naught. The cornucopia of corruption and lies has been overwhelming, even for news junkies. The blogs and even some MSM villains like Chris Matthews and night time comedy staples Leno and Stewart are now paying attention. First the Benghazi Massacre, then the IRS political targeting, and to top it off the AP discovering its lines were being wire tapped. Due to this morass of dishonesty a few other scandals are being ignored.

Our distinguished Secretary of State, who made his mark in the 1970’s Vietnam Peace Movement, by lying about his military “brothers” and the war crimes he witnessed had to apologize for announcing at the Istanbul Embassy that 25 year old Anne Smedinghoff was killed while she was in an armed convoy. She wasn’t. She was murdered walking to an Afghanistan high school, even though she had armed protection. Notice the media forgot about this tragic murder within a day, even though she was the first American diplomat killed in that country in more than 30 years.

Another and far worse cover up is the Taliban shooting down of the 22 Navy Seal Team 6. It’s apparent that the heroes responsible for the death of Bin Laden were quickly forgotten by our government. When we look at the facts we know, it is beyond hellacious. The super heroes of our armed services were put at an extreme disadvantage by being flown in an old National Guard aircraft instead of their own specially outfitted SPECOPS Chinook. In addition, the fact that all were flying in one plane appeared to be highly unusual. Plus, the names on the manifest didn’t match the actual passengers. Larry Klayman’s group Freedom Watch is suing both our Commander in Chief and the Afghan government in regards to the highly suspicious deaths of these heroes.

We are living in an Alinsky designed nightmare. His disciples, Hillary, Holder, Obama and Company believe that the government can do whatever it wants:damn the consequences to the American people. We are in the process of discovering what it’s like to be the residents in the latest Leftist/ Muslim statist designed horror show.

My father, who is still alive and mentally alert, was one of the young soldiers who survived the violent waves of Normandy. He also received two Purple Hearts. The other day he looked at me in such despair. Squeezing my hand he said, “Remember I told you I was one of the Americans to enter Dachau? We never could understand how Germany, a very civilized society, committed the worst atrocities. Then we freedom loving, virtuous Americans came to save the world. And now…” He looked away.

The thugs that have taken over this country aren’t good enough to lick my Dad’s boots. This country was built on the blood and guts of good Americans like him living according to Judeo- Christian principles. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press are etched deep into this country’s DNA. This Memorial Day, as we mourn for our war dead, let’s remember who we Americans are and what America stands for. And may God bless America!