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Truth in Humor


The rabbi calls men up for aliyahs,”Jack Goldstein, Yakov Fineman,and Norman Israel”. “He’s dead,” my father says in a loud stage whisper. A young woman in the row in front of us hears and starts laughing Pretty soon the whole row was giggling.My father’s comment was funny because there was more than a grain of truth in it. All you had to do was look around the geriatric center where services were being held.
Comedy is funny when it is based in truth. Sarah Silverman saying I love my vagina or Lena Dunham walking around naked is not funny. Personally it’s just pathetic. A riff on how the Obama White House came up with the made up name Khorason could end with some one saying, ” It sounds, a little Spanish. With that name we’ll be able to get the Hispanic voters.” What happened to comedy in this country? Political correctness.

When I was growing up comedy was king. Ed Sullivan always had on a comedian like Rodney Dangerfield, Henny Youngman, or Jackie Mason. Johnny Carson gave Joan Rivers her big break as well as George Carlin. Mr Carlin had a classic riff on “the 7 words not allowed to say on television”. Now we have almost seven topics that are not allowed to be touched. Race, homosexuality (of any gender),Muslims,women,global warming, Obama and his minions. Once political correctness takes hold humour disappears. Even in private converstions people watch what they say, afraid that something could be misconstrued and they could be labeled “haters.” or the kiss of death, “racists.” Political correctness is an anathema to freedom.

Our Muslim “friends” are always kvetching about being insulted. We are to believe that after raping and murdering thousands of Christians it is a “religion of peace.” It appears that one of the most verboten truths is saying that a Muslim convert cutting off someone’s head is an act of terrorism. It’s just more “workplace violence” and whole families of illegals are “children” that were welcomed by our government. When new definitions are given to words like marriage,which happens to have a long and successful history, we are supposed to accept the new social engineering and not even make fun of it. Laughing is good for our souls. In a statist government we’re not supposed to have one.

Truth isn’t necessarily pretty, but humor is a healthy way to look at it. Even in the terrible times of Nazi Germany Jews made jokes. In order to make someone laugh, a grain of truth has to be mined. ( not mimed) I’ve always said I’d rather laugh than cry. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of crying. I say the hell with political correctness. I’d rather laugh.

George Carlin

Sitting Shiva for Latma

I have loved and shared Latma’s brilliant satire and musical parodies since I discovered it about four years ago. Many people will recognize this brilliant troupe by We Con the World, which became an immediate You Tube hit.

I read producer Caroline Glick’s essay which explained in the most general way the reasons why they will not be in regular production. It sounded like corrupt cronyism, but that is nothing new for the socialist post-Zionist world.

For those still blinded by their youthful idealism or perhaps allegiance to a Jewish organization no longer serving Israel’s interests, this should be a shrill warning of what Statists do through PC. Why hasn’t such brilliant satire, replete with Mel Brooks quality musical numbers, been a staple on an Israeli television network?

A statist government decries any art which doesn’t transmit a message it approves. I recall reading an anecdote about Menecham Begin meeting with a Rumanian artist who had made his way to Israel after being released from the Soviet Gulag. He told the prime minister that he had been fine while he was doing the State’s bidding, but as soon as he was true to his soul he was consigned to the frozen wasteland of Siberia. That’s why PC, which is a Statist staple of control, is fatal for comedy. Ask yourself could Blazing Saddles be made today?

Here in the USA we have been told what’s hip, what’s cool, and what’s funny for as long as there’s been print. I recall Sinatra singing Love and Marriage,and the airwaves vibrating to the Beatles All You Need is Love. The message was always about love. Women were romanticized. Although country songs still wail about passion gone wrong, the culture police have okayed the words bitch, hating whitey,and all kinds of pornographic words and violent actions because it’s part of the rap culture. Tell me on what planet thug violence and sluttish behavior is OK but an ingenious political satire show is too controversial? Welcome to the 21st century: a world of cultural upheaval. This Rosh Ha Shana may it be written in the Book of Life that Latma return wittier and more ingenious than ever. We need them. Israel needs them.

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