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The Three Blind Mice or Three Halal Pigs?

Hillary Benghazi The other day I was at a meeting of other like minded people and we were talking about the state of our country. I brought up Hillary’s fashion choice at the not so grand inquisition of the Benghazi massacre. Since not one pundit appeared to notice that she blatantly demonstrated her alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood by wearing their colors; green and black I thought I was being paranoid or imagining she was sending a symbolic message. One of the other women who had lived in both Somalia and Syria with her State Department husband seconded my opinion and said I was absolutely right. The question then is, has Hillary converted to Islam or was she just telegraphing a positive message to our Muslim enemies. Although “What difference, at this time, does it make?”

Then we have John Brennan who has been implicated by a former FBI agent that he converted to Islam when he was posted to Saudi Arabia. Of course the Government Propaganda Ministry, formerly known as the media. denigrate John Guadolo, the FBI agent disseminating this information. Brennan. like Hillary, also gave a blatant message that doesn’t prove he’s a Muslim, but does prove to whom he has aligned himself. He called Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel Al Quds, which is the name Arabs renamed it. Now, some people say it doesn’t matter because we are guaranteed freedom of religion in this country, but as a public servant he swears allegiance to our constitution. As a Muslim he swears allegiance to Allah. Although.as Hillary would say.” What difference, at this time, does it make?”

Then of course we have Chuck, I never met a Jew I Liked, Hagel who is being considered for the head of the Department of Defense to replace the communist Leon Panetta. He’s hitting a roadblock because he won’t disclose his foreign sources of funding after being demanded to do so. Carl Levin is making this sound like this is over the line, although Harry Reid made the same demand of Henry Kissenger years ago. Now I don’t know about you, but I have no sources of foreign funding, I wonder just what service Senator Hagel is providing and to whom. This is Commonsense 101 but of course, “What difference, at this time, does it make?”