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Hollywood Homicide


I love the TCM network. I don’t love Ted Turner or his politics but, by broadcasting the old MGM, RKO, and Warner Bros movies, he has unwittingly given Americans of all ages a window into the moral fabric of this country. One can hear the differences quite clearly, in the interviews and conversations with Barbara Stanwyk and Joan Crawford in the video posted above.

The movies range from the early 1930’s like the movie “Baby Face” starring Barbara Stanwyk,as Lily, a tough cookie who sleeps her way to the top. Eventually a tragedy forces her to realize that she really loves her husband, not just his money.

Another powerful performance I recently watched was Kirk Douglas as the Holocaust survivor in “The Juggler.” There’s a scene where he tearfully confesses to a beautiful Israeli kibbutznik about his past. Even though he was a Jew, he thought his fame as a performer would save him and his family. Instead, they were all rounded up and he ended up the only survivor. I could go on and on. but all of these old movies have something in common: a moral compass.

The dialogue in these movies is moving and connect the viewer to higher truths. The liberals producing inane scripts today have no connection to reality. Or perhaps they believe that they are special and they’re above us common folk.

We have lost. or are in the process of losing, our culture. The old Jews that started and ran those studios were immigrants. They were taught the moral precepts of the Ten Commandments and were not ashamed to show the world as it is and what happens when we don’t do the right thing.

Ben Shapiro writes in Big Hollywood about Hollywood losing money and the rationale being Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming video sources. I got news for Hollywood, start making good movies with dialogue above a kindergarten level and there’s a chance that people might return. I might even use the two free tickets I’ve been saving for something worthwhile and it’s not for the umpteenth incarnation of “Superman.”