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Just Another Injustice

Many of us are disgusted and appalled watching the corruption and politicization of our judicial system play out right in front of our eyes. Now we have proof that our DOJ (www.judicialwatch) got involved and dragged a non case into the system, one month after the Sanford police captain decided not to charge based on the evidence. It’s not the first time, but hopefully the “white-Hispanic” George Zimmerman will be the last political prisoner taken in the name of “justice.” My own experiences in the system warn me not to be optimistic.

A little of my history: Before I started working for the Department of Children and Families in Florida, I volunteered to be a guardian ad litem, which is basically a guardian for a child in the foster system. I had moved from Atlanta where I had served on the Human Relations Commission, been a teacher in the public schools, and a counselor in one of the county jails. My idea was to see what was going on in the state where I had moved. As that great philosopher Charlie Sheen said “Boom.”

I knew from my previous experiences with the state that most bureaucrats don’t read files, so when I received my first client I was not surprised, but still shocked, to see that a baby with cerebral palsy was taken away from his parents. The files stated the British mother was “too calm” when she called 911 and then was accused of trying to “abscond with her son” when she tried to loosen his IV in the hospital. After a year of the parents jumping through bureaucratic hoops and spending oodles of money on county programs designed to make money for the lawyers and other county or state employees I was able able to help get their child back because the judge mistakenly thought my credentials read MD and not MA.

The family court in Miami proved to be another forum of injustice based on the premise that government is always right. Children were taken from parents based on the DCF inspector’s judgement. Many of these first line employees had degrees in fields like accounting and had no experience with children. Judges always ordered the children to see psychiatrists and after a fifteen minute appointment with a Medicaid psychiatrist, and the foster parent kvetching about bad behavior, the children were put on meds. If their mood didn’t improve or worsened they got more. The judge took whatever the doctor said as TRUTH, and that was the end of the story.

As Americans we have mistakenly believed that we lived in a free country. Ask people who have been caught in the Statist nightmare. It’s not.
“You shall not pervert judgment; you shall not respect persons, nor take a bribe; for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise, and perverts the words of the righteous.” (Deuternomy) Justice is a value honored in the Judeo- Christian tradition. Power is the only value honored by a Statist.