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Eating Pie With Amelek

pie in the face Last week I substituted at a private religious school. The teacher left lesson plans and I followed them as best I could. Two books could have been included in Elementary Propaganda 101. One is called Enemy Pie and the lesson of the story is, “just be nice and everything will be hunky-dory.” The picture book is about a boy who is upset because he wasn’t invited to party, and wasn’t invited over to jump on the trampoline of this new kid in the neighborhood. His father has the solution. HE bakes a pie and tells his son that he has to play with this nasty Jeremy first and then he can bring him the “enemy pie.” So the boy goes over to his “enemy’s” house and they have a grand old day and then they eat the delicious pie and they’re now BFFs. Even the little boy is surprised at how tasty the pie is because he thought an “enemy pie” would rightly taste like barf.

Where do I start with how wrong this is? How about that it’s bullshit and a terrible thing to teach children growing up in a free society. Children need to learn that not everyone’s going to like them. However, this is a great way to teach our children to grow up to be dhimmis.

This insane philosophy fits what our government is doing with our enemies around the world and within our own borders. Our esteemed representatives must believe that if we give them enough money and arms they’ll like us. Wrong. They’ll still be the same evil beings that they were before, but kill us using the weapons that we gave them or bought with the money we thought was going to buy their friendship.

Jews are taught that in every generation there is Amalek (evil or wickedness)and that one of our jobs is to destroy it. It is fascinating and appalling to see how little we have learned. Saul, the first king of Israel, lost his kingdom because he kept the king of the Amalekites alive, even though the Almighty told him to slay every living being. It is time to learn that loving your enemy is just an easy way to become a tuches licking dhimmi or maybe even a dead one.