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Joan and Debbie: Two Kinds of Jews

Joan and Melissahttp://

Can we talk? Let’s discuss two different Jews.

Joan Rivers died suddenly and fans everywhere mourn her passing. When Debbie Wasserman Shmutz Schultz finally loses an election her constituents will celebrate.

Most people have heard the quotation, “Politics is show business for ugly people,” but I’ll go further. Politics is for ugly people who have no compunction about lying.  DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shmutz Schultz said Governor Walker  gave women “the back of his hand” and “grabbed women by the hair and is pulling us back” I imagine Ms. Rivers would say something like “Debbie, Can we talk? it looks like that’s what your hairdresser did to you.”  Everything about Joan Rivers was real except her face, while the only thing real about Debbie is for her to say the most outrageous lies with a straight face.

Misspeaking, or what we used to call lying, Ms Wasserman- Shmutz Schultz  stated “We know, and I’ve heard no less than Ambassador Michael Oren say this, that what the Republicans are doing is dangerous for Israel.” The Ambassador categorically denied that. Then she tried to wriggle out of it like a worm. Unfortunately for her once again she was caught and once again showed no shame. When Elizabeth Taylor, a butt of Joan’s fat jokes, showed up at her house, Rivers was gracious, polite, and kind showing the class she was known for.

Although I never met the ball of energy called Joan Rivers I’ve read enough pieces mentioning how kind she was to her fans. Steve Olsen , owner of the West Bank Café,  where she would  tryout her comedy routines, stated . “She said she lived for family, friends and her fans. In that order.” Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/hamill-joan-rivers-show-high-energy-hilarious-article-1.1930823#ixzz3Ce7QmpjE Debbie Wasserman Schultz must not appreciate her constituents, the ‘ugly people’s’ fan base, because when the Israeli ambassador was kicked out of Venezuela I didn’t hear one word from the “great supporter”  of Israel. Since the newest Jews of her constituency aren’t Holocaust survivors, but refugees from the Communist anti-Semitic paradise of Chavez and Maduro, it’s not too constituency friendly to be the DNC chairwoman of the Party that denied God three times and took Jerusalem out of its platform. Those refugees pay to send their children to private Jewish schools  to learn about  God  and Israel. They’ve already been the scapegoat of a tyrannical anti-Semitic government and not looking for another one.

Joan made us laugh. Jews are taught that every word in Torah is holy. When the angels told Abraham that Sarah would have a child at the age of 93 she laughed. The root of Itzchak or Isaac is the same as laugh. Joan utilized her gifts to make us laugh and little Debbie give us moments of happiness and forgetfulness.  She was generous to charities and individuals. Her non- stop work, while dealing with setbacks and tragedies, is legendary. She was also steadfast in her support of Israel. By the way, Joan Rivers was a Republican.

Debbie Wasserman Shmutz Schultz has been living on our tax dollars for her whole professional life. She seems to have forgotten that she is a public servant. She has never made me laugh but many times has made me scream at my TV.. She’s also the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee. It has been very obvious from Obama,Hillary, and Kerry who they support and it’s not Israel. Debbie is their cheerleader and steadfastly supports them and their nefarious schemes against the Jewish state  Two Jews two different ways of life. Which do you prefer?


Government versus G-d


I am an American.

I am also a Jew.

Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, which holds our service to G-d as the number one commandment. As we watch the Middle East descend into chaos and slaughter, our country enters a bizarre universe where the miserable government media proclaim all problems are caused by the rampant racism in this country, the fat cats on Wall street, or the “hate filled” Republican party. This disgusting state of affairs is either ignored or desired by government leading a docile public to its demise because our government is in bed with all the usual suspects.

Every American remembers 9/11 and the cold blooded murders at Fort Hood. We also know that the Blind Sheikh planned the 1993 bombing in the Towers garage. Although many have forgotten the USS Cole, it is important that we remember who perpetrated ALL these unconscionable massacres. So my question is why are Muslim Brotherhood advocates working in government and contract positions? And why was Michelle Bachmann et.al ridiculed when they asked a cogent question?

Yesterday we find out that a billion dollar contract was given to Serco. a company under investigation for serious fraud in Great Britain. Fat Cats on Wall street? How about ex- governor fat cat Jon Corzine who previously worked for Goldman Sachs? He just “misplaced” more than a billion dollars of other people’s money but he’s still walking free. Geitner, another Goldman, alumnus answered “I couldn’t understand Turbo tax” when he was interrogated as to why he didn’t pay the IRS more than $100,00 in taxes. He was given the top job at Treasury.

Since I have some experience working with the Broward County Republican Executive Committee I can honestly say most of the time they’re lucky to be able to brush their teeth without help. Without Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul et.al. the party would have been kicked senseless by the Democrat ass.

So what does this have to do with Judeo- Christian values? Everything. Jews arrived here about 1650. Our Founding Fathers were familiar with our Torah (Old Testament) and Hebrew. One of the main tenets is that we are all equal in G-d’s eyes and under the law, even though we are blessed with different talents and skills. We are in service to Him. That is an abbreviated version of Judeo Christian principles. Communism, socialism, and Islam abhor what we believe. All of their adherents do everything to destroy that belief because the “isms” believe government is their god. Islam believes everyone who doesn’t believe as they do are infidels. Therefore Muslim can rape and murder them without impunity. It is time we remember who we are and stand for what is righteous and good. That is what our country has always stood for.