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Guns for Me but Not for Thee

It's for defense.
It’s for defense.

Ben Shapiro is a Jewish American patriot. He eloquently writes about the Left’s bias in our culture and unapologetic stands for the 2nd amendment. I watched a bit of his interview on Piers Morgan and heard a statement that was ignored by the host and the media.

I’m paraphrasing, but it was that his relatives in Europe were murdered because they couldn’t defend themselves.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they would have lived, but the Jews who fought back had a higher survival rate than the ones who walked like sheep to their deaths.

There used to be a name for people like Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Wasserman-Schultz,and Bloomberg:kapos. We can’t leave out the Leftist rabbis and groups that are screaming for gun control. Jews like them helped the socialist Nazi government round up and destroy the Jewish communities of Europe. As a matter of fact, Jewish Hungarian George Soros was one of them and is still disgustingly proud of what he did. Today this nefarious crew is helping to destroy the freedom we have in this country.

I would be foolish to assign motives for their anti-American stance, but I can repeat my Southern husband’s conclusion. He said that the people who say Jews are “so intelligent” are wrong because what could be dumber than not standing up for your freedom and the defense of yourself and your family. It’s not like there’s no historical data to prove what happens when you don’t, but as the Bible says; we are a “stiff-necked people.”