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Smells Like Black Privilege

aL AND oBAMAI was reminded by a Russian woman ,who became a US citizen many years ago, that Socialism demands that everyone must work.” If you don’t work you don’t eat.” Many observing the loss of our freedoms declare that this is ‘socialism or communism.’ Wrong- It appears that our government is in the process of a quiet  dismantling  of what’s left of our republic. Let’s face it. The powers that be know we love our families, friends, and what’s left of our freedom. Only by incrementally deconstructing our society could  a new form of government be built.

Over the last few weeks  the media portrayed thugs and agitators who burnt down businesses as democracy loving protestors. They ignored the fact that streets and highways were shut down by rioters as Black rage fueled Black racism against “White privilege.” Police and the National Guard did nothing to stop it. The same techniques that were used in South Africa to take over the country are being used here. We have yet to see the end game that the elites envision, but the rampaging violence against the so called injustice is spreading. The race baiter and poverty pimp, Al Sharpton, is treated like royalty while the concerns of hardworking citizens who built businesses and contribute to the economy are ignored by both sides of the aisle. Thousands of black “church” members cheered when Louis Farrakhan called for violence against whites, but no arrest for incitement was made.  Apparently many people do not believe the Judeo-Christian ethos of “Love thy neighbor.” Instead, they are willing to destroy what people have spent their lives building.

The riots are just one tactic. Our education system is fueling this too. If Common Core is not squelched we will see more and more of it. Firstly, our history and culture is being obliterated and secondly because students are being taught in a slapdash manner that is not conducive to learning.

Let me explain. I am involved in Florida schools and see what is going on. I also tutor  various grade levels and am familiar with curriculum and assignments. For example, two Black men,  Crispus Attucks and James Armistead, are being taught as being important men of the American Revolution. One was the first man shot and the other a spy for the Patriots. Their contributions  shouldn’t be minimized, but certainly should not replace Founders  like Patrick Henry, William Morris, or even Chaim Solomon who helped finance the Revolution. Even though we have a federal holiday to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King the most important part of his speech,  “…my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not bejudged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  is being ignored. During   Black History Month students are inundated with figures  whose contributions to our country are minimal and  are not taught the historical context of slavery so many end up thinking we were the only slave holding country.

Since our children must be “culturally diverse” they read stories about children from all over the world, but not the USA. Little House on the Prairie, the classic book by Laura Ingalls Wilder is forgotten. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by the great American author Mark Twain also disappeared. Instead, comprehension worksheets connected to nothing are given out daily. One day it could be about rainbows and the next day different types of whales. It is difficult to develop a love of reading that way or learn the unique nature of our country. No educational professional with integrity could think this is good for our children or the future of our nation. Faux education is a sly way to cultivate a slave or dhimmi culture, especially with all the children of  uneducated illegals in the public schools.

White privilege is the new mantra, even though that makes no sense. The people of this country elected a Black president not once but twice. Unfortunately he chooses to favor the  race of his father who abandoned him, even though his White mother and her family  raised him. Eric Holder, another black man, is the Attorney General of the United States. Conoleeza Rice and Colin Powell were Secretaries of State and let’s not forget Oprah, the richest woman in our country. The entertainment and sports industries are filled with talented black multi-millionaires. Every local, state, and national governmemt infrastructure has black personnel and cities like Newark, Detroit, and Washington D.C> have or had black mayors. It may not be perfect. but the opportunity is there for anyone who wants to take it. The reality doesn’t match the whining of victimhood. It is time for all good men to put a stop to the insanity. If not, we  are no better than that sorry fellow who got mugged and robbed and said he “understands why the perpetrator did  it.”  Our country is a country which welcomes all who come here legally. Life is tough.  We know there is no White privilege, but it’s starting to smell a lot like Black privilege


Khrushchev USA 1959.

Truth is Not Racism

Big Al with Tawana Brawley
Big Al with Tawana Brawley

There were two stabbings at the same high school in Broward County, Florida  a few weeks ago  here and here Unfortunately both attackers could have been the sons of our president. Note that the violence was perpetrated with a knife both times. The Left’s thoughtless slogan ” Guns kill” was proven wrong once again. It is people, and only people, who maim and murder, assault and rape, kidnap and torture. Obama said Trayvon Martin could have been  his son.  Mr. Obama said nothing when  this other son was  stabbed  by one of his own ethnicity. Continue reading