Anti Semitic UNESCO Message

antisemitic AmericaIt appears that another layer of hate  has  been revealed. It is becoming quite transparent  that the old scourge of Jew hatred has once again raised its ugly head and spouted its noxious lies.  The UNESCO debacle is just another example of unabashed anti-Semitism and of course the”great friend of Israel”, the USA, repeats the tired phrases of  faux  diplo speak and the world turns a blind eye.

Just who are the members of this august body ? The full listing of its 195 members is on its website here. Primitive, backward countries  like Afghanistan, Chad, Albania, et. al sit at the same table as the USA, Canada.and Israel. Why  are these countries, and  other Westernized countries,  letting Iran and its terrorist proxies control  the media and the message? Why any decent government would want to be involved with a group of evil doers and Islamic dictators should only raise eyebrows. Didn’t any of our government officials ever hear the saying,” If you lie down with dogs you get fleas?”

All the usual suspects dance around the blatant  anti-Semitism that is building to a Wagnerian crescendo. We find out that the “heinous” crimes Pollard committed have been proven bogus, according to this article published in Tablet, which is a far left Jewish publication here. The” Knock Out” game, sometimes called ” Get the Jew” has brutalized more than seven Jews in Crown heights alone in the last month. The officials are ignoring the neighborhood’s cries for justice.

Once again the heads of elite Jewish organizations tremble  at the demands of their masters. This is how Ronald Lauder “lambasted”  UNESCO:

Denouncing the move, WJC President Ronald S. Lauder said, “With this decision, UNESCO has done a disservice to the peace process and implicitly endorsed Arab rejectionism. ”

How about the truth? This is denying  the history of the Jewish people in Israel. By doing so, UNESCO is demonstrating  its anti- Semitism and denial of the Jewish right to the land of Israel..

The Jews of Germany thought they lived in the most civilized country in the world. They were proud to call themselves German.  Jewish men who fought in WWI  for the Kaiser suddenly discovered by the force of Hitler’s brownshirts that they were still just Jews. The 2nd amendment is our friend. Just ask anyone who survived the camps. It’s time to wake up.

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I have been around the block more than a few times and I see the streets getting dirtier and dirtier. I left the country in 1973 and moved to Israel. There, I became a founding settler of Yamit, and became a victim of the first catastrophic mistake of swapping land for "peace. I have a masters degree in psychology and am an autism professional. My book Love and Betrayl can be found on Amazon and at iuniverse.

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