The Demise of a Republic

It is part of our historical record that after the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin was asked by a woman if we had a monarchy or a republic and Franklin famously answered, ” A republic if you can keep it.” It doesn’t look like we have. That is not a hyperbole.


Steck- Vaughn text
Steck- Vaughn text

One of my favorite writers and raconteurs Mark Steyn  has battled the Human “Rights” Council in Canada and now is in an imbroglio with his editor at the National Review because as he has stated; words are important. Since I am still involved with schools because of my former  profession, I noticed that the word republic is no longer used when teaching or mentioning our form of government. Instead, its always described as a democracy.  Then, I helped a coworker study for his citizenship test and noticed that there was not one question about our form of government.  This really bothered me  and I became curious as to the ” why.”

The answer came inadvertently while reading Ilana Mercer’s informative  book,  Into the Cannibal’s Pot. South Africa is now a democracy.  That means the majority black population sets the agenda and the elections. One person one vote and the hell with the country and hell is what it is becoming. Every Muslim country calls itself a democracy.  Why? Muslims are the majority and can choose to cut off heads , hands, and burn down churches because Christians are the minority. Our Founders thought a democracy was the worst form of government because it quickly devolves into mob rule. Every two bit dictator calls his country a democracy.

Now, we find according to the textbooks we are no longer a republic.  Welcome to the United Socialist States!


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