Who’s “Unfit” To President ?


According to our  president and seconded by our media someone is unfit to be president – and it’s not   crooked Hillary.

It’s very scarey how much art imitates life or is it life imitating art? I’m writing this as I’m watching the updated ” Manchurian Candidate”( 2004) with Meryl Streep as the nefarious and coldly calculating Eleanor Shaw. Her portrayal eerily reminds me of the nefarious and coldly calculating Hillary Clinton. For those who aren’t familiar with the original story, it’s about  POWs who have been brainwashed by the enemy to destroy our country.  Powell is the former senator’s wife  who betrays her son, his squad, and her country.  Of course she and her cronies have the media’s ear so everyone believes them and the victimized truthteller is set up as the crazy. Sound familiar? The last scene shows  a government techie sitting at the computer changing the actual killer of the Powells to someone who had nothing to do with it in order to frame the narrative. Or was it to frame the people?

Our respected media,  the “fourth estate,” has an obligation to the citizens of this country. They have betrayed  the freedom granted them in the Bill of Rights and unofficially became another arm of the government. And, just like our government,  has taken a turn to the dark side.  We rely on the media for truth so that we know what our bloated obscene government is doing; instead, it  feeds us lie after lie.

Any time I turn the TV on Foxnews these days I hear how crooked, lying Hillary is  vanquishing the “unfit”Donald Trump in the polls, In one day she was up 15 points! We’re supposed to believe that the woman who needed Wasserman Schmutz  Schultz to rig the primary election against a  card carrying Socialist is suddenly mesmerizing the whole country. In conjunction with the poll numbers, last week a  gentleman overheard a conversation my friends and I were having and asked if  we had ever been called for a poll. None of us were. None of us even knew anyone who had been called.  It was a reminder that

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, Meryl Streep, 2004, (c) Paramount
THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, Meryl Streep, 2004, (c) Paramount

I actually had experience with exit polls. I  had done one in Georgia in 1996,but I refused to do it for the 2000 election, on the grounds that it was totally unethical. Whoever I was dealing with offered me more money, I repeated the word unethical and then just hung up. As  the photo shows democrats and republicans get asked different questions. So  as these examples show,  polls can be rigged to show whatever the poll company or party  desires. New Doc 3_2(or pays for)

The problem for “we the people” is that we can’t trust the media. The ‘journalists” apparently like being in an elite club more than they like delivering the real news.  While Hillary has decades of corrupt behavior, dead bodies, and a nasty temper to boot, the media focus on some joke that Trump made. Even though Hillary is responsible for much of what set America on a third world trajectory, the public hears incessant name calling at a man who was a private citizen until this presidential race. He understands the Byzantine rules and corruption of our political class because in order to get anything done, he had to kiss the right butts and jump through the same hoops that the rest of us do.

Unfit for the presidency? How about a woman who has a Muslim Brotherhood surrogate as her main assistant? How about someone who set up a play for pay scheme with some of the most anti- Western countries in the world? How about someone who is endorsed by Communists USA and was so negligent as Secretary of State  that four men were murdered. For me there’s only one person unfit for the presidency- and that’s Hillary Clinton.

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