The USA, Shavuot, and the Ten Commandemnts

IMG_0432We are taught that the USA is a Judeo-Christian country.  What exactly does that mean? The holiday Shuvuos, or the Hebrew Shavuot,  is a good time to explore that concept. The holiday is the commemoration of the giving of the Ten Commandments and both Judaism and Christianity believe they are integral to their respective religions.  Since our government and our represenatives are so embroiled in scandal and what, at other times, would be called crimes I thought it would be interesting to check if our country is honoring them.

1. I am the Lord thy G-d who brought you out of  Egypt and delivered you from bondage.

For some inexplicable reason, maybe because of the constant violence against Christians and Jews, as a country we accept that Muslim perversion of our culture  We’re told they have a “right” by some to murder their own daughters, infiltrate every level of government, and create terror and murder if we disagree with their political agenda. Sorry, the G-d of Islam is not mine.  Nor should our elected representatives, who swear on the Bible, accept their demands.

2. You shall have no other G-d before me and  make no graven images of heaven above or earth below

When people put the Democrat party, Unions, power, or money before  these Ten rules then yes, they have chosen another g-d. When crooks and corruptocrats like Jon Corzine walk away from a 1.2 billion dollar “misplacemnt” of  other people’s money,  when Hillary has the audacity to sit in front of Congress and scream.”What differencve at this point does it make?” after four men were murdered on her watch, when we have a DOJ and president who think they are  above the law because the rest of us are “racists.” then we are on our way to a country that believes in the rule of man and not G-d. Wasn’t Obama called the messiah by the pusillanimous  America hating Louis Farakkhan?

3. You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain

How many of our respected leaders have sworn on the Bible to uphold the Constitution and as soon as they’re sworn in do whatever their Party, Union, or George Soros wants them?  Witnesses in courts all over a America  are sworn in with the oath “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?”  Perjury is still a crime for the little people, but not the crooks and liars who who must have no fear of oaths taken in G-d’s name.

4. You shall remember the Sabbath for it is holy.

Years ago stores were opened Monday through Saturday.  Then a great idea hatched .  More money could be made if stores stayed open on Sunday.  Now there is no rest for the weary.  My grandmother lighted candles on Friday night until the day she died. Saturday was Shabbat: a day for the family to be together, rest, and recharge for the rest of the week.  My mother wanted to be an American.  No more supernatural hocus pocus when she had her family. Out of her four children only one passed on a commitment to Judaism. As a country are we better or worse being open for business 24/7? The emptier our churches and synogogues become the more violent and crass our society becomes.

5. Honor your father and mother

Honor your father? How many children don’t have a father in their homes? In what way can they learn to honor and respect a person who isn’t there? How can they honor men who not only didn’t love and cherish their mothers enough to marry them but abandoned them to government programs, stepfathers, or boyfriends. How about mothers? Judaism can boast female prophets and judges millenia ago. The hymn, Woman of Valor was included in King Solomon’s Book of  Proverbs. Contrast that with a culture where a child can be exposed to a sex tape that  made her mother  famous . How about a child watching old  Youtube videos of  his or her mother twerking and gyrating in a faux sexual heat. How does one honor that?

6.Thou shall not murder

Note that it is murder, not kill.  Murder is the unsolved coldblooded slaying  of Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr. who was found dead in his car after stating he found unwelcome information on Obama’s passport. Murder is going into a school shooting innocents, murder is a gang banger killing  another thug who didn’t show the right respect,  murder is what devout Muslims do to their daughters and wives  if they become too Westernized.  Murder is what was done to our vets at the VA who were put on a false waiting list.  Murder is what  is done to the baby a mother is carrying when she chooses abortion.

7. You shall not commit adultry

When I was growing up adultery was one of the only reasons one could get a divorce. Today movies like American Beauty and websites like Ashley Madison glamorize and humanize behavior that destroys families. We’re told by the “experts” that men are naturally promiscuous and that having sex with the same person for  many years becomes boring. As a society we’ve placed more value on good times and good sex than a good family. Our horny ex-president Mr. Clinton ruined  the lives of many women with his sexual proclivities, but his lesbian wife forgave his indiscretions because ” What difference at this point does it make.” Apparently they made a deal with the devil. Since  the former president’s  affairs of  no sex -sex we have seen an explosion of wanton  sexual behavior.

8. You shall not steal

Crony capitalism is stealing.  Our tax dollars go to government hacks that make deals that weaken our free market system.  When taxpayers bail out GM, who should have gone bankrupt. That’s stealing. When Corzine  ” can’t find” more than a billion dollars that’s stealing.  When employees in government agencies get bonuses for cheating our veterans out of care and services that they rightfully earn,that’s stealing. When CGI gets a billion dollar no bid contract for the failed Obamacare website that’s stealing.

9. You shall not give false testimony

Berghdahl, Benghazi, VA the list goes on and on.  This administration lies every time anyone of its apparachiks  opens his or her mouth. The biggest lie is Obama himself.  From the beginning there were questions about his background, but instead of doing its job the media trashed anyone who questioned the veracity of his background. Look where that’s gotten us.

10. You shall not covet.

Redistribution of wealth is coveting. Reparations for slavery, which at that time, was legal all over the world, is coveting (and stealing) because the government instigates and politicizes what Jews call the ” wicked inclination” of human behavior. What’s mine is mine .  I worked for it. You didn’t. History is ugly and life is hard. There is no way for everyone to become rich but it’s very easy to make us all poor. We’re on that ” Road to Serfdom” today.

So it looks like we have a lot to answer for. because The Ten Commandments are not suggestions. I suggest our elected leaders and government officials take a look at them again while we still have a country. And then ask for mercy.

















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