Lefty Jews are Dumb

The Hebrew Mamita

Lefty Jews are dumb. There, I said it and I mean it.  Why?  They either don’t know or ignore USA history . They are also ignorant or obtuse  about discrimination in other countries throughout the world. They’re so worried about “social justice” they don’t  or won’t see what’s perfectly  clear and obvious to anyone who opens a history book or looks at the world without rose colored glasses. 

First, a short history lesson: Jews weren’t always loved in this country.  Let’s start with Henry Ford, a dyed in the wool anti-Semite who published  the toxic Dearborn Independent, a non stop rant against the Jews. He was so successful that  according to the author Edwin Black, Hitler kept a photo of him in his office. Perhaps Lefty Jews have never heard of Father Coughlin’s radio rants against Jews. Of course they must have fallen asleep when told that FDR refused entry to the SS St Louis, a ship filled with Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler.  Apparently they never bothered to watch the movie “Ship of the Damned“made about that heart wrenching moment in history.

How about country clubs and hotels not allowing Jews to belong? Have these “smart” Jews not heard of the Hillcrest Country Club that was started because the big Jewish names in Hollywood, Marx, Jolson, Warner  et.al.  couldn’t belong to other country clubs because of their heritage. Do these brilliant and extremely educated Jews not know that they were not wanted at “the best” universities like Harvard and Yale, as well as lesser known ones like Emory until the late 50’s or early 60’s. Until then a fixed quota system prevailed to keep Jewish students out. How about professionally? Anyone of the liberal wunderkinds ever see the movie, Gentleman’s Agreement, based on Laura Z. Hobson’s novel about anti-semitism  practiced by major companies. As for my own story, my parents moved to a suburb in New Jersry in the early 50’s. As the only Jewish child in class  for years, I understood that we were a minority in a Christian world. When I was told that the only other Jewish family in town changed their name so it wouldn’t sound Jewish, I got it. We weren’t wanted.

So today Jews are being gunned down in Belgium and France and all we hear from Lefty Jews is  Israel  must stop building homes in Judea and Samaria. Leftists Jews  are so brainwashed that they think a two state solution would just stop all the hate and killing of Israeli mothers, fathers, and children like the Fogels. Lefist Jews who promote BDS must be so unaware of all the technology  and medical breakthroughs Israel has given to the world. They’d be better off focusing their movement on boycotting, divesting, and sanctioning universities that take money from countries and organizations that  promote hating and killing us. Lefty Jews are dumb and they’d better smarten up before it’s too late.

henry Ford


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I have been around the block more than a few times and I see the streets getting dirtier and dirtier. I left the country in 1973 and moved to Israel. There, I became a founding settler of Yamit, and became a victim of the first catastrophic mistake of swapping land for "peace. I have a masters degree in psychology and am an autism professional. My book Love and Betrayl can be found on Amazon and at iuniverse.

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