A Country of Eunuchs

castration_of_urausThe Middle East is noted for its  labyrinth of intrigue, deception and cruelty. All  of the terror networks, the oil rich sheiks and the compliant media can scream Islamophobia  all day long, but the histories of the Ottoman Empire and Islam are rife with slavery and included castrating kidnapped boys, These eunuchs, if they lived, became, guardians of harems or household slaves who were powereless to reproduce, and were trusted to do their master’s bidding. America has become a country of eunuchs.

Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS debacle, the Bergdhal swap, Common Core, immigration and and our subservient dependence on Middle East oil are all huge scandals that beg the question how did we get here? Although some might say, “What difference at this point does it make?”  Israpundit’s Ted Belman posted an interesting article  from the 2002 Middle East Quarterly by Anthony Codavilla stating “The vision of an orderly, multicultural, international community’ was as powerful in Bush’s Washington as it had been in Woodrow Wilson’s—and as far removed from reality.”

The author continues,  “America’s unworthiness to stigmatize foreign cultures (much less to kill foreign regimes), the U.S. government’s need to heed “the allies,” especially “the Europeans,” and to restrain the “unsophisticated,” “unilateralist” American public—these and a host of other unserious assumptions continued to reign. Moreover, the Bush team employed the same kind of people and modus operandi as its predecessors. They spoke loudly and wasted America’s stick on the least significant enemies” Andrew McCarthy is also succicint in placing blame oa worldview that had no basis in reality and in winning a war in which American boys lost lives and limbs here.

We can go back further to Richard Nixon, who according to Caroline Glick, made a deal with the devil, Arafat, after  our American ambassador in Kahrtoum was murdered in 1973 by the PLO. Unlike the masters of our public schools, which don’t think history is important, thinking people understand history helps us to connect the dots and see our mistakes as well as our successes. Clearly our president is not the one leading us to the precipace: however, he and his cadre of elite political morons are pushing us off while our Congressional eunuchs blather at  hearing after hearing and get nowhere.

As part of my psychological training I worked with inmates at a county jail. I discovered that the hardest word for many of them to say was, ” No.” The USA saved Europe from Hitler and national socialism, and then closed its eyes as Communists infiltrated our government ; even blaming anti -communists for noticing. The loss of so many lives during that black time of history certainly should make us cautious but caution doesn’t mean becoming the footsoldiers and slaves of evil and despotic regimes. As a country we seemed to have forgotten the word “no”- except to our own citizens.

Our State Department has a hard time of seeing evil anywhere except with the”unsophisticated” and “unilateralist” American citizens. American men are denigrated daily, while limp wristed metro sexuals are held in high regard to fit the more “sophisticated” European model.  Our castrated Congress dithers while busloads of children are dropped off  in  our cities like garbage and Sgt Tahmooresi languishes in a Mexican jail for no more than a wrong turn. Muslim Brotherhood foot soldiers, like Mohammed Elibieri, are placed in  American government positions while ordinary American citizens stand in line for the TSA bogus security check like  subservient dhimmis. The PLO and Hamas have the go ahead to squeeze our only true ally in the Middle East and our American enuchs, as always, do nothing. The last words of Torah are chazak, chazak, nItchazak which translates strength, strength, let us be strengthened. It is only G-d who gives us strength. It’s time for our government to remember that before we become part of the Islamic Caliphate.

The three Eunuchs Obama, Reid and Kerry
The three Eunuchs
Obama, Reid and Kerry



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