Who Helped Obama?

Since I’ve lost my job and been home, I’ve been able to spend time reading the blogs and listening to the radio. Today there’s been a lot of talk about Obama’s “nobody in America has gotten to where he is without help” speech. Bloggers and talkers emphasized the insult to the American people and the entrepreneurs that helped make this country great. Even Mr. Romney reacted. The insult to “we the people” was great enough that the Republican presumptive nominee showed some righteous indignation however; no one has mentioned what I think is closer to the truth.

I think Obama believes his statement. Why? Psychological projection- which very subtly tells the Obama story. Projection is a subconscious defense mechanism that people use (note the subconscious) to project onto others the needs, wants, or beliefs of the self. We can see this every time a looney Leftist cries racism. Those of us with any sense look at each other perplexed because we have no idea what the individual is talking about. As a matter of fact every Republican political “sin” comes from the Leftists own minds. Envy? War on women? You name it. Everything we’re accused of feeling or doing against them has already been done by them or believed by them. Think of a jealous spouse who’s cheating.
Our president, Barack Hussein Obama, has been very secretive about much of his life. As a matter of fact, its impossible to figure out how he got into elite schools with his self reported mediocre record from Occidental, or who paid for his education. Even with affirmative action, we have to assume someone or some group helped him because he didn’t earn his entry into the Ivy League.
Then, after finishing his education, he started his political career, in of all places Chicago. Now why would a young man from Hawaii start his political career in a city that has the reputation for the dirtiest politics in America? Of course, we the hoi polloi, are supposed to believe that Rashid Khalidi,Tony Rezko, Valerie Jarrett, et al met our president by happenstance. And of course the Chicago Way is crony capitalism practiced as only master thugs and crooks can. The rest of us? Mr. Obama, we still believe in doing it on merit.

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I have been around the block more than a few times and I see the streets getting dirtier and dirtier. I left the country in 1973 and moved to Israel. There, I became a founding settler of Yamit, and became a victim of the first catastrophic mistake of swapping land for "peace. I have a masters degree in psychology and am an autism professional. My book Love and Betrayl can be found on Amazon and at iuniverse.

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